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About Us

Bee Choo Ladies is a specialty outlet of ours that is exclusively for ladies. This specialty outlet offers privacy zones, massage and appointment-based system in addition to herbal treatment and haircare products. Ladies are invited to pamper themselves here with our premium services and high-quality products.


Bee Choo Origin herbal treatment from Singapore has been offering hair treatment since 2000. We offer a natural solution that is 100% free of chemicals to resolve your hair and scalp problems such as hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp and white/greying hair. Our hair treatment formula does not contain any additives and preservatives and it is safe for usage by pregnant ladies as well as children.


The herbal paste that we use is brewed using traditional Chinese herbs such as Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui, Ling Zhi and other exotic Chinese herbs. Other than our signature herbal treatment, we also specialise in a range of haircare products catering to specific hair issues.

* Results may vary depending on hair types, gender, age and ethnicity


Try out our range of haircare products that would help to enhance your hair and scalp while boosting your confidence!


Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on various factors such as hair type, age, ethnicity, etc.


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