We are very happy to have effectively helped our customers with their hair issues over the years. Do read on and hear what they say about Bee Choo Origin treatment.

Rusukes Jayarat - Recovery from Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is the auto immune disease that causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles causing patchy hair loss. This is a common hair issue, something we see at our establishments almost everyday. Do not despair, help is here. This below is the testimonial by Rusukes


Rusukes was suffering from Alopecia Areata, a condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss.


“My name is Rusukes Jayarat. I am 15 now. I had a problem named Alopecia Areata. Its like a bald spotness all over my head. So I took treatment at Seberang through a Skin Specialist. Then he gave me injections for 5 months, 5 jabs but still no improvement. 


So I went to another doctor and he did the same. Then I took treatment for more than 8 months and my parents spent more than RM800. Then my parents got to know about Origin Sungai Ara from a banner on the roadside. They brought me here and so far I have taken 6 treatments. I can see a lot of improvement by taking treatment here as they are not using any chemical products and its 100% natural.


Before it was like this, this is before the 1st treatment. Last time I have bald spots, 3 spots on the side of my head. And 3 spots behind but now its fully recovered and only 1 spot here left.”

Ms Karen - Recovery from Female Hair Loss

Ms. Karen has been suffering from a recurring patchy hair loss for a lengthy period of time, affecting the crown of her head. She trusted Bee Choo Ladies and took a treatment course. It took her just 3 months to fully recover from her hair loss. In addition, her scalp is now much healthier than before and the bald patch is no longer visible! Hear it from her yourself:


“Karen: I can see a lot of improvement so when I touch my head at the back, I dont feel the baldness there cause my sister say “hey your hair here got one patch, you look very horrible, better go and do something or all your hair might become BOTAK!”

Interviewer: So what was your first experience like?

Karen: Very good, the staff are all very courteous, helpful and the place is very nice. 


Interviewer: How long have you been with Bee Choo? How many treatments?

Karen: 10, 10 treatments


Interviewer: So how is Bee Choo different from other hair treatment companies?

Karen: Your treatment is quite straight forward. The price here is also reasonable, affordable. Because I did try other hair treatment like at SGD 3000 plus”

Hui Hui - Recovery from Fungal Scalp Infection

  • Bee Choo Origin successfully helped a 12-year-old girl, Hui Hui solved Fungal Scalp Infection with Origin Herbal treatment. And, successfully restored her scalp and hair to full health.

  • Hui Hui had a serious case of fungal infection. Her parents had been finding a cure for her issue but to no avail. It was only until a friend referred them to Bee Choo Origin Kota Tinggi before they started seeing improvements.

  • They had never thought that she would make a full recovery, but the team in Malaysia never gave up and keep encouraging her to believe in the treatment and products. It did take some time for her to make a full recovery, but she eventually did. Most importantly, Hui Hui is now a much more confident and happy young lady after overcoming this trying period in her life.


This video is a must watch! REAL pictures, REAL videos, you just can’t make up such recovery stories.