Best Hair Loss Treatment Salons For Females In Singapore (2021)

Most of us would have experienced hair fall before, in fact, the average human loses anywhere between 50-100 strands of hair every single day so for the most part it is nothing to be concerned about. However, for some people, hair loss can be a major concern, that only grows and worsens over time. This could be due to multiple factors such as stress, genetics or some other reasons. In this article we will help you address these concerns, starting with how do you identify whether you have hair loss, causes of hair loss and lastly what type of treatments are available to deal with this issue.

How to identify hair loss

We will be specifically focusing on hair loss from the scalp instead of the body. Female hair loss is slightly different from male hair loss. For example, women tend to experience general thinning while men tend to have a receding hairline. Additionally, some treatment types that are suitable for males may not be suitable for females and vice versa. Hence, we should exercise caution in using the information we find on the internet and applying it to ourselves and our own experiences as it may be targeted at different groups of people or different genders.

  • Thinning: This is the most common type of hair loss, where the hair becomes thinner overall, and this can happen in both females and males. In males, this usually shows itself in the form of a receding hairline while in females, their parting tends to become larger.
  • Bald Spots: They can also occur in both females and males. They usually appear on the scalp and are about the size of a coin. These bald spots may or may not overlap on the same part of the scalp as well. Additionally, the part of the scalp with the bald spot may experience some irritation such as itching or dryness, before the hair falls out.
  • Hair falling out in clumps: When combing, brushing or even washing your hair, hair can fall out in sections or clumps. This can also happen even with simple, light pulling. However, this type of hair loss is usually only temporary.


Thus, the clearest and simplest way to know if one is experiencing hair loss is just to observe your own hair. Different people can have different hair loss symptoms. For some, they may notice that their hair is just thinning in general. For others it could be the presence of bald spots. Hair loss can also come in the form of clumps of hair falling out, for example, you may just be combing your hair with a comb or just with your fingers and hair can fall out in clumps.

Why do females experience hair loss and what are the possible causes?

There are multiple causes of hair loss in females.


There are multiple reasons as to why females may experience hair loss during their pregnancy. One may reason can be due to hormonal changes. The rise in estrogen levels during pregnancy can actually affect hair growth, causing more hair to fall out than usual. Additionally, in the first trimester, the hormones may shift to support the developing fetus, which can also affect hair growth. However, this hair loss due to hormonal changes cannot be seen immediately; instead it can take up to four months to notice any significant differences.

There may be health issues that arise during pregnancy that can cause hair loss as well. Examples include thyroid problems, as well as an iron deficiency. Some woman may even experience post-partum hair loss, wherein after giving birth, mothers may experience significant amounts of hair loss. However, this is not usually a cause of concern as this is instead the excessive hair falling out from the falling estrogen levels after the pregnancy is over. Overall, mothers can rest assured as this type of hair loss is usually temporary, and it should resolve itself overtime.

Weight loss:

Extreme weight loss can cause hair loss as well. This is because a sudden and huge drop in weight is usually coupled with a fall in the amount of nutrients that the body gets. This nutrient deficiency can cause hair to fall out. For example, when dieting, a person may not consume enough protein for the body. This causes the body to use the protein for essential processes such as tissue repair and digestion, and not hair growth as hair growth is not necessary for survival. In addition, very restrictive diets that cut out entire categories of food can be very harmful. For example, deficiencies in iron and zinc has been known to cause hair fall, along with very low caloric diets, as well as stress that can come with such restrictive dieting.


Diabetes can have an effect on hair loss. The high blood sugar levels in the body can damage tissues and blood vessels in the body. This can cause certain parts of the body to receive less oxygen and nutrients than others, which can cause hair fall. Diabetes also causes a lot of stress on the body, along with hormonal changes which can lead to hair loss. In addition, diabetes may cause alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles. This will be explained below.


Trichotillomania is a mental disorder in which an individual has recurrent, irresistible urges to pull their own hair out. This usually leaves bald spots which can be embarrassing and shameful for the person suffering from trichotillomania. People suffering from this disorder tend to go to great lengths to hide their hair loss. For some people the disorder is generally quite mild and manageable. However, for others they may require medical help in order to manage the disorder.

Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Hair usually falls out in patches, and for some people this may be completely unnoticeable. However, for others these patches may be large enough, or the patches may connect resulting in there being an obvious bald spot. It usually occurs in people who are below the age of 30, and can affect any gender. One in 5 people has a family member who suffers from alopecia areata.

There is currently no known cure for it, however there is treatment to cause the hair to grow back quickly, such as the use of corticosteroids to suppress the immune system. There are also other topical agents such as creams that can be rubbed onto the scalp to stimulate hair growth, steroid injections, oral treatments such as tablets and even light therapy. However, one should always consult the doctor before attempting any form of treatment.


Chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss. This is because chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells in the body, but at the same time they can kill healthy cells as well, including hair cells. Hair tends to fall out a few weeks after taking the cancer medication, and the speed at which hair falls out increases exponentially as the patient continues taking the cancer drug, meaning that hair falls out even faster after one or two months.


Certain types of medication can cause hair loss as a side effect. Examples of such medication includes acne medication containing vitamin A, also known as Retinoids, certain types of antibiotics, drugs which suppress the immune system, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), and even high blood pressure medication such as beta blockers and diuretics.


Stress/stressful events/traumatic events:

The type of hair loss resulting from this is known as Telogen Effluvium. Prolonged periods of stress can result in hair loss, although the hair loss usually only occurs three months after the traumatic event takes place. This is because large amounts of stress can push the hair into what is known as the ‘resting phase’. Hence a couple months after the traumatic incident, hair can fall out just from simple brushing. However, this type of hair loss is usually only temporary. If you are able to control your stress, then the hair fall should resolve itself.


Most of us in Singapore will know the classic ‘girl don’t tie your hair so tight’ line being nagged at us from our parents. Certain hairstyles can affect hair loss as well as a receding hairline. For example as mentioned above, tying one’s hair too tight can cause the hair to weaken and break, and even pulling one’s hair back in a very tight bun or ponytail may cause one’s hairline to recede overtime.

Hair treatment:

People with sensitive scalp may be more susceptible to this type of hair loss, as their scalp may react more to certain types of treatment. Additionally, some people’s hair may not respond well to certain types of treatment and as a result this can result in hair loss.

Hair dye/bleaching of hair:

Other common causes of hair loss includes dying and bleaching of hair. The occasional hair dye is okay but constantly dying hair can result in weakening of hair, causing hair damage and hair loss. This is because chemicals present in hair dyes such as ammonia and certain peroxides can cause hair to fall. Furthermore, some people choose to bleach their hair, and bleaching is extremely harmful to the hair.

Bleaching strips the hair of moisture, much worse than regular hair dye, making it extremely dry and frizzy. This causes hair to become very weak and brittle and it will become extremely prone to breaking. Thus, bleached hair is very high maintenance and requires a lot of moisturising treatments and hair care products to ensure that hair remains healthy. However, these are costly and requires a lot of effort to maintain, hence most people will not do them. This is detrimental to the hair and it can result in hair loss.

Heat damage:

Heat damage from constantly straightening, curling, or using a hair dryer to dry hair can weaken hair. This is because the hair can get dried out, causing it to become more prone to breaking, which can result in hair loss. Thus people are advised not to use heat sensitive products on their hair as often.

Family history:

Hair loss can be genetic as well. If one or both parents suffer from hair loss, there is a much higher chance that you will experience it as it is passed through the family. This type of hair loss is known as androgenic alopecia, where the hair gets thinner as a result of aging. This usually occurs in predictable patterns, where in males, the hairline recedes and in females the hair thins along the scalp.


Hair loss treatment salons in Singapore

SalonPrice RangeFemale Only?
Bee Choo Ladies$41 to $69Yes
Ashley and Martin Hair Loss centre$160 every monthNo
Papilla Haircare Salon$220 to $450No
TK TrichoKare$85.60 per hour of consultation.No
Beijing 101Depends on product and package. Anywhere from $30 to $400.No
Naoki hair dressing – Oway Organic Head SpaBasic package price ranges from $140 for shorter hair and $170 for longer hair. Premium package price ranges from $200 for shorter hair and $230 for longer hairNo
Yun Nam hair careRanging in the thousands, depending on the package.No
Svenson hairFirst trial at $68No
BioRevive HairGroUnable to find, however there is a free consultation and scalp analysisNo
Nano Hair Growth Clinic Pte LtdThe consultation and scan alone is already $50. The treatment ranges from $130 to $200, while their hair care products range from $18 to $28000.No
Dr Tyng Tan aesthetics and hair clinicDr Tan specialises in hair transplants so the price starts in the ten thousands.No
Terra Medical Hair and Aesthetic ClinicDepends on the treatment and products. But their Regenera Activa treatment costs about $4000, while their hair transplant cost anywhere between $6000 to $20000No
Follicle Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment Centre by Adeva Spa  They have multiple first time trial packages ranging from $88 to $288.No
Hair Laboratories Co.  $2000 to $8000No
Hairdreams Singapore – Stop and grow hair treatment$130. However, this salon specialises in hair extensions and not hair loss treatment.No but mostly females because of the hair extensions.
Bioskin – stem cell hair growth treatmentUnable to find. However, for their other treatments such as the Coconut Scalp Deotx Treatment and Scalp and hair paradise treatment is priced at $68.No
99 percent hair studioTheir signature hair loss treatment for partial hair is priced at $89 and for full hair it is $169.No
Picasso Hair Studio Singapore$125No
Gene by GinrichFrom $120No
Chez Vous Hideaway/Hair SalonFrom $140No
Art Noise Japanese Hair SalonFrom $100 and depends on the treatment.No

Hence, a recurring trend that we can see here is that most hair loss salons and hair loss treatments are quite pricey, and there are no salons that solely focus on treatments for ladies only.

I will elaborate a bit more on some of the highly rated hair loss treatment salons in Singapore. These salons are chosen based on their ratings on google and how famous they are in Singapore.

Ashley and Martin Hair Loss Centre

They treat both female and male clients however I will be focusing more on the female client base and the services they provide. For female clients, Ashley and Martin administers a Laser hair treatment known as LaserProPlus. What it does is there it emits a low level light to help stimulate cell metabolism, which also allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells and helps remove waste from the cells, thereby promoting hair growth. Additionally this laser device, the Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) device, can be used at home, allowing the effects to be more consistent and effective.

However, they seem to have a lot more male clients than female clients, at least based off their case studies on their website. They have case studies as recent as march 2021, however these are all on male clients only. When I filtered the search based on female hair loss case studies, there were only two studies, one in 2019 and one in 2018. Additionally, they are an Australia based hair loss treatment company, and their Singapore website is extremely sparse.

Most of the information they have is based in Australia, making it hard for potential Singapore clients to obtain more information. There are also a few negative reviews on google reviews, with one as recent as April 2021. The customer wrote that the treatment worked initially, but after 6 months his hair started falling out again and the clinic did not do anything to address it. They only told him to wait a few months to see results again but it failed.

Papilla Haircare Salon

Papilla haircare salon specialises in hair loss and scalp treatment. They use medically backed treatments, using research from Korean dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons to develop their treatments. All their treatments are dermatologist certified and tested in the lab in order to ascertain its quality for potential clients. In 2016, they received two awards from the Korean ministry of science for ‘excellence in bio-science technology’.

They use cultured cells that contains powerful growth factors that help promote hair growth, such as polypeptides, cytokines and essential amino acids. These ‘reactivate hair cells and restores them to a healthy state’. They have over 4000 successful testimonials, and even doctor testimonials, with a 600% improvement in hair thickness. They won the Best of Singapore award in 2020, where they were awarded ‘Best Haircare Salon’.

However, they are not the cheapest nor most affordable option on the market. Hence, continuous treatment can leave a hole in your wallet.

TK TrichoKare

TK TrichoKare is a trichologist, also known as hair doctors, and they pride themselves on using the latest technology in hair loss treatment, as well as using premium European herbs to achieve ‘beautiful, thick, and luscious locks’. The treatment has been tested under laboratory conditions, and it fits all hair types and scalp conditions. And as it is made with herbs, there are no harsh and strong chemicals that may cause irritation.

However, the consultation is expensive; it is priced at $85.60 per hour. A quick google search also reveals that their hair care products are priced at an average of $200. This treatment is not affordable in anyway. There was also a recent review from March 2021, where a client said that the staff kept ‘harsh selling’ their products. This can result in a very uncomfortable experience for the client as they would be pressurised into paying for their packages and their products, especially when their products are not cheap.

Another review from 2019 noted a similar experience. The customer wrote that the sales person kept pushing for their products and kept insisting that the customer purchase their packages even though the customer has declined and gave a valid reason as to why they do not wish to purchase anything. Afterall, people go to a salon for a professional and comfortable experience.

Who wants to be constantly pressurised into purchasing products where they are unaware of how good the product is and it is expensive? Additionally, while they do have monthly promotions where their packages become priced at $40 to $50 instead of the usual $700 for the same package, the staff hard sells their products so TK TrichoKare is not very affordable in the long run.

Yun Nam Hair Care

Yunnam Haircare is another familiar brand of hair loss salon in Singapore. They use natural herbs from the Yunnan region in china, and through the integration and implementation of technology, they are able to refine the herbs and the treatment to make them more effective. Additionally, their products and treatment are fine tuned to suit the needs of Singaporeans in our tropical climate. They have also won multiple awards, including being awarded the Superbrands’ Singapore’s choice award for 9 consecutive years, from 2013 up till 2021. This may be a testament as to how effective and reliable their treatments are.

However, several reviews online have written that Yun Nam is rather pricey, especially the packages. Additionally, the staff there tend to rather aggressively push their products and packages onto new clients, especially those who are there for a free trial. They hard sell packages that cost up to thousands of dollars, despite the customers declining repeatedly and even the staff themselves know that the customers are only there for a free trial to see if the treatment is suitable for them. This would make the overall experience much less comfortable.

Beijing 101:

Beijing 101 is another common name for hair loss treatment in Singapore, I am sure most of us would have heard their catchy advertisements at least once. Beijing 101 uses premium Chinese herbs in their products, along with advice from their consultants and traditional Chinese medicine physicians. In their website they wrote that 90% of their customers agreed that the treatment was effective, and that 9 out of 10 customers of Beijing 101 have seen improvement to their hair health after the treatment.

However, this research was conducted a while ago, in July 2018 and October 2016 respectively. Thus, the results may not be representative of their current client experience and the effectiveness of their treatment. Additionally, they have ongoing packages featuring treatments that are dramatically discounted from their original price of $300 to $400 dollars, where now it is only anywhere for $30 to $50.

However, these are packages that are probably not going to be valid for every subsequent treatment, and the prices will definitely be jacked up in the future. Furthermore, a quick look through their online shop shows that their products are on the pricier end. A bottle of 250ml shampoo costs $37.45, while their scalp purification essence costs $425.86. These prices are not affordable to everybody, and one may have to think twice before deciding to sign up and join their treatments or packages.

Effects of female hair loss

Female hair loss is something that is extremely important and must be tackled. Especially for women, hair can be a huge part of their self-confidence and if their hair becomes damaged or in this case, fall out, this cause a huge blow to their self-esteem, especially with regards to their appearance. This can cause significant distress and pain. Hence, it is very important that female hair loss be tackled as soon as possible in order to prevent worsening of the problem such as increased balding. Furthermore, the faster the issue is addressed, the higher the likelihood of recovering. This can then effectively help restore self-confidence for females affected by hair loss.

There is also a common misconception that only males require treatment for hair loss and balding. In a quick google search for hair loss, most results are targeted at men, due to the frequent occurrence of male pattern baldness. I think most of us are also aware that while it is true that women are less likely to be bald as compared to males, this does not mean that female hair loss is not an issue. In fact, hair loss is also a common issue that women face! Hence, as most results are targeted at men, it would be extremely beneficial to have treatments that are targeted for women as well.

Bee Choo Ladies

Now we will look at Bee Choo Ladies!


We are a hair loss treatment salon designed exclusively for ladies only so rest assured as this means that we are specialised in treating women’s hair loss, and we have the relevant expertise to help ladies who are suffering from hair loss problems. This is proven as we are also known as the best hair loss treatment salon for ladies in Singapore! With 21 outlets in Singapore and over a 130 outlets throughout the Asia Pacific region, this proves that Bee Choo Origin is a reliable and effective brand as we are able to expand to so many outlets abroad.

More than 20 years of household brand name

Bee Choo ladies is also a household brand name, founded in the year 2000 by Madam Cheah Bee Chew herself. She and our brand have won numerous awards. These include the Singapore Prestige brand award in 2015, the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star award 2016, and the Golden Eagle award for the top 100 enterprises in Malaysia in 2014 which shows that we are not just well recognised in Singapore, but abroad as well! We were even featured in the Business Times, with the articles ‘power of testimonies drives business growth’ in 2016, and ‘Sincerity before profits’ in 2017. Hence, regardless of where you move to or travel to in the future, you can be assured that Bee Choo Ladies will be there too for your every hair need.

All natural ingredients used in herbal hair treatment

Bee Choo ladies is entirely natural as we only use herbal products. Bee Choo origin’s herbal hair treatment is all natural, with no synthetic chemicals, GMP certified and is made in Singapore so you can be assured of its quality as it is locally made. Hence, this shows that our process and treatment is entirely safe as everything is natural. The lack of chemicals used in our products and treatments also ensures that there will be no strong, pungent smells and there is likely to be less side effects as well as irritation, which will make the whole experience much more comfortable. What’s more, there are no injections, medications or pain as the process is all natural and only requires a simple application!

Precious chinese herbal ingredients used in herbal treatment paste

The natural, herbal ingredients used in our treatment include Ginseng and Dang Gui, which for those of us who have been to Traditional Chinese Medicine shops and have taken some of their products before, know how important these ingredients are to ladies. For example Ginseng is able to help warm up the body which is essential for women, and Dang Gui can help in blood circulation. Hence, ladies can relax as they already have the knowledge that these items are good for them. In the case of the hair treatment, Ginseng is used for anti-aging, and it helps in new hair cell regeneration.

Dang gui helps regulate scalp immunity, therefore preventing more hair from falling out, and allows for improved blood circulation, thereby allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair, which can promote hair growth. Some additional ingredients used in our treatment include He Shou Wu, which helps slow down grey hair production and restores hair pigmentation; this is perfect for ladies who would like a natural solution to cover up their grey hairs, and Ling Zhi, which reduces itching and decreases the risk of infections. Thus, this natural hair dye is ideal for ladies who want a safe and effective solution to cover white hairs. Hence, ladies can be comfortable and confident in their treatment as these are all natural ingredients which are good for them and the health of their scalp and hair.

One herbal hair treatment for multiple hair issues

Our hair treatment is able to tackle multiple hair problems, including itchy scalp, dandruff, post-partum hair loss, different types of hair loss as well as oily scalp. The different types of hair loss treatments that we cover include bacterial infections, fungal infections, dandruff and even Alopecia Areata. Thus, Bee Choo ladies is able to provide treatment for any possible hair related issue or hair loss issue that you may have.

Price of hair treatment at Bee Choo Ladies

After reading about all this, you may be wondering what the price of treatment at Bee Choo ladies is, especially since treatment here seems to be multi-faceted and effective. But don’t worry, as at Bee Choo ladies, we pride ourselves on being extremely affordable. For most of us, the thought of going for hair loss treatment is very intimidating and daunting due to the price. Despite the packages available, along with the very attractive prices given during advertisements or pamphlets being distributed on the streets, there are usually hidden costs involved.

No hardselling of any products or packages

In fact, during the treatment the staff may continuously and aggressively push their products and packages on you which can make the whole process very uncomfortable. However, this is not the case at Bee Choo ladies, as attested to by one of our happy and satisfied customers Allana. She said that during her treatment the staff there did not ‘hard sell’, and that we ‘don’t push you’, which is very reassuring to hear, as you would then be able to enjoy your treatment without the stress of extremely aggressive sales people pushing unwanted products on you. You need only pay for what you want and require, and at Bee Choo ladies the prices are simply fixed as it is, ranging between $41 to $69 depending on your hair length. $41 is for shorter hair while $69 is for much longer hair.

Affordable hair products

Additionally, our products are also set at very affordable prices. Our hair care products range anywhere from $2 to $62, which is much lower as compared to other hair care products sold by other hair loss and scalp treatment salons out there. For example, our popular hair tonic, the Origin Herbal Hair Tonic which has a unique blend of precious and exotic Chinese herbs, and helps with accelerating hair growth and controls hair loss, will only set you back $62! And while this is the most expensive thing on our product list, it is still much cheaper than a lot of hair treatments out there, and for some, it is even cheaper than their one time consultation! Thus, this price transparency and affordability afforded by Bee Choo ladies is a huge plus point and swaying factor for potential customers!

Real customer testimonials

In order to further convince you that Bee Choo ladies is the best at what we do, we will introduce some real customer testimonials.

Recurring patchy hair issue treated

First, we will discuss Miss Karen’s case. She came to Bee Choo ladies with a recurring patchy hair loss issue affecting the crown of her head. After coming to Bee Choo ladies and entrusting her hair to our talented and knowledgeable staff, it only took her three months and 10 treatments to recover from her hair loss. She notes that ‘Bee Choo ladies treatment is quite straight-forward, and the prices are reasonable and affordable.’ She also mentioned her past experiences at other hair salons that cost over $3000 but were not as effective!

12 Year old girl fungal infection on scalp treated

Next we will look at the case of a 12 year old girl named Hui Hui who had a fungal infection on her scalp. Her parents never thought she would make a full recovery however our staff never gave up and kept encouraging them to believe in the treatment and products. In the end, Hui Hui made a complete recovery! She is now much more confident and happy after being able to solve this issue that has affected her self-esteem.

Itchy scalp and patchy hair loss treated

Lastly, we will look at the case of itchy scalp and patchy hair loss. Rachel has been having an itchy scalp and the hairs on her head kept breaking off. She has been suffering from this issue for a long time but was never able to solve it. In the end, a friend recommended her to Bee Choo Ladies and she gave it a try.

Complimentary free hair scan available during off peak hours

A hair scan revealed that the cause of the itchiness was due to a bacterial infection. After looking at the prices and realising how affordable we were, Rachel decided to give it a go and start her treatment recommended to her by the therapist. After a few months, her scalp was mostly healed and there is a lot less itch now.

These testimonies show the versality and effectiveness of Bee Choo Ladies’ treatments, as it is able to cover a huge range of issues, cater to the needs of every client, and is able to treat ladies of all ages! The price point was also a huge selling point for some of the clients.

Private curtains for privacy and comfort

Additionally for our Muslim friends, we provide private curtains for the treatment as well, so you can come and experience the treatment comfortably.

Try Bee Choo Ladies for your hair care needs today by booking an appointment here!