9 Best Salons For Hair Treatment In Singapore in 2021 (Updated)

There are so many hair salons out in the market today in Singapore, each offering their own range of hair treatment options. With so many choices in mind, it can be hard for us to choose one to go to, and we are definitely really spoilt for choice. However, having so many choices to choose from can also leave many of us a little lost on where to start, and how exactly to decide on which hair salon to go to. After all, hair treatments are not exactly the cheapest, and we all want to make sure that we enjoy the experience after investing in them. If you are feeling lost and have no idea where to start in your research, look no further, as we have picked out 9 of the best hair salons for hair treatment in Singapore, so that we can help you make your choice an easier one, according to positive and negative reviews online.

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 167 people

Address: 38A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277694

Website: https://www.art-noise.sg

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon is the first Japanese hair salon that opened in the West of Singapore. After opening its first branch in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan, the salon has since been expanding and thriving in the hair styling industry, both in Japan and beyond. The Singapore outlet first opened its doors in 2014, and currently houses 6 highly skilled hair stylist. The salon also strives to make sure that they provide the same level of expertise and service to their clients in Singapore as they do in Japan. The salon also takes pride in striving to only use a blend of chemicals that are non-damaging in their hair products. Besides that, the products that they use in the salon are all made in Japan, making sure that the same standard is brought over to the Singaporean clients here.

The salon currently offers two different kinds of hair treatment that you can choose from—the Premium Triple Keratin Treatment, which costs $139, and the Detox Treatment, which is slightly more affordable at $86. While the options available are a bit limited, you can still make a choice on which treatment will be most suitable for you based on your hair and scalp condition— if you are looking for something to untangle your long tresses and make sure that they are strong and healthy again, the keratin treatment might be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of product build up in your hair, or suffer from an oily scalp, the Detox treatment might be the better option to freshen up your scalp in this humid and warm weather.

What people are saying:

The good:

“Tried the detox treatment recommended by Hajime-san, and I was pleasantly surprised that my scalp was significantly less oily and totally not itchy during the 1.5 day’s wait to wash my hair after doing aqua-straightening… Though having rather good English ability, the stylists here tend to be humble about it. So actually there is not much of a communication barrier to worry about, English-speaking staff is always around to help as well. In particular, Hajime-san is really easy and fun to talk to, it feels like he is my friend although I’m only meeting him for the first time. His friendliness and earnestness make people feel welcomed. Art-Noise is an authentic Japanese hair salon that is worth every dollar, with its exceptional hair service, top-notch customer service, tasteful decor, and cozy atmosphere. Everyone should come here to pamper themselves!” – A review on their Facebook page on January 2018.

The not so good:

“Just been informed that my appt was changed from sat 3 Nov to Fri 2 Nov and 2 pm to 11.30am! To make it worse, the stylist was changed as well. It did not occur to the recipient that there might be a mistake? A mistake is done and the next avail slot is on Sunday!? What?! I am expected to accept… Just want to say my hairstylist Keiko is wonderful and always fulfill my requirement but I don’t think I feel good to go back anymore. Sad but no choice. All the best, Keiko-san.” – A review on their Facebook page on November 2018.

“I made an appointment at 4:30 pm thinking it’s a Saturday and I have an appointment after and hence, I can’t wait at the salon and have my appointment late. Being a Japanese company, I thought punctuality is important. However, I received a call at 4:15 pm (when I reached Holland V after driving from northern SG) to inform me that the appointment before me was late and I was asked to postpone my appointment to 5 pm. Afraid I may run late for my appointment, I canceled the appointment with them. They could have handled this better.” – A review on their Facebook page on December 2018.

Our take on the salon:

The reviews for the actual hair treatments provided seems to be greatly positive for Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon. Hence, this seems to be a great place to head to if you are on the lookout for a place to get good Japanese hair treatment. Even though most reviews stated that the hairstylists were able to communicate with them sufficiently despite their limited English speaking abilities, this might not be the place for you if you are someone who looks forward to having conversations with the hair stylists while they are helping you with your hair treatment. Besides that, multiple reviews have also noted that they were dissatisfied with the scheduling problems for their hair appointments, and felt that the salon could have handled the situation on scheduling changes and mistakes better. However, it seems that the clients were all round pretty satisfied with the treatments that they got from the salon so this might be a place you would want to try out!

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 154 people

Address: 43 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089147; 87 East Coast road #01-01 Singapore 428789; 31 Duxton road Singapore 089495

Website: http://www.covosg.com/en/index.html

COVO Japanese Hair Salon boasts Japanese hair stylists who have accumulated more than 10 years of hair styling experience on average. The stylist allocated to you will attend to you from the very start— from washing your hair, to the very end. The salon strives to provide the same level of service in Singapore as what you can get in Japan and seeks to make sure that the customers leave with a hairstyle that not only looks good on them but is also manageable. They also take pride in their damage free treatment, where they use products that are specially developed by the Owner-Stylist of COVO Japan, Mr. Manabu, which makes their treatments unique to their salon, and is something that you cannot find anywhere else. The salon not only strives to make sure that they provide great hair styling services but also makes an effort in creating a private and relaxing environment for their clients— in fact, they also have a private space in the corner for you to feel truly comfortable while having your hair treatment done! Another unique feature is that they also use carbonated spring water for shampooing your hair at no extra cost, which helps to remove the extra oil and sebum that is built up on your scalp.

COVO Japanese Hair Salon offers a whole range of treatments that you can choose from depending on what you are looking for. Their NOV treatment ($230) helps to reduce unruly and wavy locks to give way to hair that is glossy and that is softer in texture. This treatment works by neutralizing alkaline hair to the original acidic pH that healthy hair is supposed to have, which helps it to reform its shape. The TOKIO INKARAMI Treatment ($180) helps to replenish keratin in your hair and then seals up the cuticle to make sure that your hair is restored to its original health. This treatment is recommended if you are looking to leave the salon with stronger, shinier and healthier hair. Besides that, you can also choose from the KERASILK Keratin Treatment ($55), the Eclasta Silky Treatment ($90), or the Scalp Deep Cleansing Spa ($50), for a more affordable trip to the salon.

The good:

“It was my first visit to Covo Katong last Sunday. I was attended to by Mizuho. She first checked with me what I had intended to do to my hair and offered her advice. We then proceeded with Keratin treatment followed by colouring (Argan oil). It has been a week and I am happy with how my hair has turned out. I was impressed that Mizuho was able to have the part of my hair which had grown out straightened while keeping my curls at the end. My hair is really soft and much more manageable now. As for the colour, Mizuho was also able to achieve the shade I wanted. My previous highlight had left parts of my hair with a ‘golden’ shade and these are now coloured a proper shade. All in all, I am very happy and satisfied with the service rendered by Mizuho and highly recommend Covo.” – A review on their Facebook page on October 2017.

The not so good:

“If there would be a 0 or -1 that would be the proper rating I would give. One of the most horrific experiences of my life. I have booked the manager and sent her photos of my hair 2 weeks prior to the appointment. When I arrived she had 0 ideas on what and how to do. Starting from the fact that she could not read the Colour codes of the colorants and she had no idea what are the numbers indicating on the packaging. I went in with a light blonde (between a 9-10) and came out as a red head, with brown ends. I found the hairdresser here might not receive proper hair training or education as there was a lack of basic knowledge.”— A review on their Facebook page on June 2017.

“Booking made wrongly by their staff and when I arrived there is only 1 customer in the shop, they refuse to color my hair though they close by 9 pm. The only answer I get is No, no & no. By the price you charging, you could have better service or communication skill.” – A review on their Facebook page on June 2017.

Our take on the salon:

There is a whole range of hair treatment options that you can choose from at COVO Japanese Hair Salon, so you are really spoilt for choice here, making sure that you can pick the right treatment for your specific hair concerns. Since their hair treatment blends are crafted in house, they are truly unique to the salon, and is something that you cannot simply get at any place. It might be worth it to try the hair treatments that they offer out to see if they are suitable for you. However, there are some complaints about their hair colouring services, and also some discontent about their service and communication standards which you should also take into consideration. Nonetheless, most customers seem to be pleased by the treatments that they had at the salon, so it is a pretty good place to go to if you are looking for a place to get your hair a good all round treatment.

Aventa Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 47 people

Address: #01-02 Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road 178892

Website: https://aventa-cityhall.com

Aventa Hair Salon came about as a collaboration between two of Japan’s biggest hair salon chains: オーブ and アーサス. All of the hair stylists here have a minimum of 8 years of hair styling experience, so you know that you are in safe hands. Besides that, some of the hair stylists have also worked all around the world, ranging from Tokyo to London. Aventa Hair Salon is also one of the cheapest full-service Japanese salons that you can find in Singapore, making it a great deal if you want to experience a Japanese style hair treatment without having to leave with your pockets feeling a lot emptier. The salon offers a range of different hair treatment options at various price points, making sure that you will be able to find something regardless of your budget. At Aventa Hair Salon, you can choose from the following hair treatment options: Tokio Inkarami ($160), Milbon Linkage ($60/With steam $80), Mucota ($60/With steam $80), Head Spa ($80), and the Quick Spa ($18).


The good:

“Did their popular Tokio hair treatment and haircut. My stylist was Taka! He was really friendly and introduced himself before we started. Made sure i was comfortable with water temp etc. He did my hair from start to finish and was really gentle during the whole process. I had long hair that feels heavy, dry and frizzy. It was hard to look neat even with hair oil or sprays which i used before. I was surprised by how my hair looks after the treatment and was really satisfied. Condition of my hair definitely improved, and i surely didn’t look messy anymore. Will definitely go back for it again :)” – A review on Beautyundercover on March 2019.

The not so good:

“I went for a root retouch and mucosa hair treatment. The design of the salon was great but and the stylist was polite but her skills left much to be desired. When she retouched my hair roots, she told me to wait for 15 mins but she was nowhere to be seen even after 30 mins so I asked another stylist to check on it for me. Initially, the colour was too bright and did not match my hair colour. I pointed it out to her but she proceeded to do my hair treatment and steam my hair. After the treatment when we were washing my hair, she proceeded to apply more hair dye to my roots to darken it, and the use a shampoo to wash the hair dye out. Re-Dyeing my hair and shampooing it AFTER I did my mucota treatment defeats the purpose of the hair treatment and I feel that my hair condition did not improve after the mucota treatment probably as it was washed out. I am frankly very disappointed by my experience.”— A review on their Facebook page on June 2018.

Our take on the salon:

Aventa Hair Salon is probably one of the most affordable Japanese hair salons there are in Singapore, so if you are on a budget but want to experience a Japanese style hair treatment, this might be the best place for you. If you are really in a pinch, but want a little pampering, the Quick Spa treatment might be for you too, as it will only set you back by $18, and would perhaps be a good way for you to get a taste of what their treatments are like before deciding if you would want to invest in their more expensive hair treatment options in the future. Most reviews of the salon were positive, but some customers also left the salon feeling a little disappointed with their experience. However, most of the recent reviews of the salon were positive so it might be worth a shot!

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 175 people

Address: 391 Orchard Road #05-05 Ngee Ann City Takashimaya Shopping Centre Singapore 238872

Website: https://www.chezvoushair.com

Chez Vous Hair Salon is conveniently located in the center of town and is well known for their reliably good hair styling services. In fact, all of the hair stylists there have a minimum of 10 years of hair styling experience and are extremely skilled in their own area of expertise. Every stylist has their own unique expertise, making sure that you will be able to find someone who will best take care of your hair regardless of what you are at the salon for. As a measure of how good their services are, more than 90% of its customers are regulars, who come back often for their hair styling services. If you are seeking a specific treatment, do let them know as they will then recommend the best-suited hair stylist for the treatment that you are looking for. Chez Vous Hair Salon offers many different hair treatments at their salon. If you are getting some form of chemical treatment done to your hair, you can opt for a hair shot ($58.85), which will be added to your hair to minimize the damage caused by the chemical treatment. They also offer a 3 step treatment known as Hair treats ($144.45 – $187.25), which can be customized to your specific hair needs. The Synchronised Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment ($144.45 – $187.25) targets weak and damaged hair and helps to restore strength, elasticity, and resilience to your hair, making it ready to take on any chemical treatment that you are looking to get. The Express Revitalising Supreme treatment ($176.55 – $219.35) helps to hydrate and smooth out your hair within 45 minutes with the use of ultrasonic technology, making it something that you can squeeze in to do even in your lunch break. For a more comprehensive hair treatment experience, they also offer a 7 step treatment option known as Amplified Hair Treats ($187.25 – $230.05), which helps to hydrate and soften your locks. If you are looking to smoothen out your frizzy and unruly hair, the salon also offers a range of hair smoothening treatments, such as the Brazilian blow out ($251.45 – $433.35), the amplified kertain treatment ($251.45 – $433.35), as well as hair botox and fillers ($401.25 – $540.35).

The good:

“The #glasshair treatment enhanced heat activated smoothness of my hair by more than 50% when blow drying my hair in a downward motion. My hair has been straighter ever since and I need not use a hair straightener after blow drying! It definitely reduces the frizz of my hair throughout the day after the blow drying of my hair in a downward motion. I can be seen with straight hair even after 8 hours of running around children and not even a little puffiness of the hair. Usually, when I blow dry, it can only last for about 2-3 hours or so! But with the treatment in place, the hair appearance is definitely more than 50% of what it should have been! My hair feels smoother and easily maintained, lesser friction when brushed downwards during the wash. Also, it has reduced the amount of hair dropped during shampoo and wash!! My hair feels light and healthy even before blow drying, not to mention after blow drying… All in all, this treatment is really suitable for all ladies who want to have straighter and smoother hair throughout the day with little styling. I am amazed at how just blow drying my hair can equate to straightening my hair with a straightener. I hardly even touch my hair straightener now!” – A review on their Facebook page on March 2018.

The not so good:

This salon hardly has any negative reviews!

Our take on the salon:

Chez Vous Hair Salon is a pretty good option if you are in town and looking for a place to get a hair treatment. As a testament to the quality of their hair services, the salon also offers a 10 days complimentary retouch, where they offer a free retouch for all haircut and chemical services that they do. Besides that, Chez Vous Hair Salon is also extremely well known for being the go-to place when you have really messed up your hair and need an immediate fix. If your hair is really in need of some severe salvaging, this might be the salon you are looking for! However, the downside might be its price point— the prices that they offer are not exactly the lowest, and for any of you out there who are not willing to spend so much simply on hair treatment, you might be better off looking somewhere else.

Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 71 people

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, B1-13/14 Marina Link, Singapore 039594

Website: https://aube-sg.com

Aube Japanese Hair Salon has a strong emphasis on ensuring that the whole Japanese salon experience is brought over to their clients in Singapore— all of the hair products that they use, the hair stylists that they hire, and the furniture that adorn their salon, all come from Singapore. The salon strives to recreate an environment that provides the same quality from Tokyo, right here on our shores in Singapore. It is managed by AUBE hair, which operates more than 170 salons in Japan and 12 salons internationally. The shampoo stations also boast lie-flat seats, which allows you to fully relax in the experience of getting your hair washed. There is a whole range of treatment options that you can get here: the Mucota treatment 3 Step ($65), the Mucota treatment 5 Step ($90), the TOKIO INKARAMI treatment ($160), the TOKIO spa (with carbonated water) ($70-$100), the TOKIO Hair & Scalp ($200), the Olaplex treatment ($50-150), and the Keratin Treatment ($180-$250). If you are wondering which one to get, their hair stylists will be ready to help you after you share your hair concerns with them.

The good:

“Top notched service from Kazuki san. The products used at the salon were great too, with the hair color creams having no smell and pleasant on my eyes (no teary). The facilities were very modern but gave you a zen feeling to enjoy your session. Shampoo was amazing too. Strongly recommended!” – A review on their Facebook page on May 2017.

“Had tokio treatment and a fringe cut by Hiro. Loved the results of the treatment and the product that was recommended to me. Hiro was also very attentive and made sure I was happy and satisfied with the cut. Can’t wait to get a full haircut the next time! – A review on their Facebook page on February 2019.

The not so good:

“Pleasant experience with Kazuki attending to me start till end, mucota 5step after discount is reasonable. Was persuaded to do hair treatment as my ends were too frizzy. Did 5step mucota & cut. Though I only recently cut my hair 2 weeks back so I found it unnecessary to cut again. But since stylist already began, guess can’t help it but to proceed. Not exceptional, I guess I started expecting a perm so to walk away with a hair cut was rather disappointing.” – A review on Beautyundercover on February 2018.

Our take on the salon:

Aube Japanese Hair Salon seems like an overall great place to get an authentic Japanese hair treatment. Many customers have also commented that the products that they use are well suited for those with sensitive scalps, as their products are minimally unscented and mild. However, some customers have also expressed discontent on some communication problems with the hair stylists, which resulted in them getting some hair services that they were not looking for. If you are looking to get a hair treatment here, make sure that you communicate what you are there for clearly to the hair stylists to make sure that you do not end up surprised when you get the bill!

Picasso Hair Studio

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 308 people

Address: 662 North Bridge Road Singapore 188798, 146 Robinson road #02-01 Singapore 068909

Website: http://www.picassohairstudio.com.sg

Picasso Hair Studio is one of the best-known hair salons in Singapore, and while they are known more for their amazing perms and hair colour, they do offer great hair treatments too. In fact, they even have a scalp room to provide specialized scalp services for their customers. A lot of focus is placed on their hair consultation, where they take a thorough look at your hair and scalp before starting any hair treatments and styling. This consultation process includes a look into your scalp condition, hair condition, skin tone, and face shape to make sure that you leave the salon with a hairstyle that you are satisfied with and best suits you. The hair treatment options that you can get here include their Scalp treatment, their Express treatment, their Luxury treatment, their Hair Spa treatment, and their Keratin treatment. The price changes based on your hair length, but getting one of these treatments will put you back anywhere from $45 to $405, depending on which hair treatment you opt for.

The good:

“Before I visited Picasso, I had a whole head full of dead, limp, dull hair that needed saving! Had the latest Tokio Inkarami Advance Treatment, done by Jesly. It detangled my frizzy and dry, overly-processed, post-perm hair and gave it so much shine. It brought life back into my hair, without looking like flat rebonded hair! It is so manageable now, I love it.” – A review on their Facebook page on August 2018.


The not so good:

“I’ve done Soft rebonding with Carmen. Service is great! Snacks, hot towel provided. Staff are friendly. ONLY THING is I’m not quite satisfied with the result. Carmen only put treatment on my hair root (she said coz my hair is damaged). End up the other part of my hair is wavy and frizzy. I just thought for the price I paid they could have done better. Although my overall experience is still okay.” – A review on their Facebook page on April 2019.

“Have been patronizing the Bugis outlet for the past one year. The first hair stylist Ivan gave me a really nice shapely haircut with two-toned colour, which turned out really nice. Unfortunately, he left. The subsequent services with Albee weren’t as good. The haircut went flat right after a wash, and I also noticed my hair became really dry and brittle over the past 6 months, though I’ve done nothing but colour and cut at Picasso Hair Studio. So I ended up spending a lot on expensive hair products to improve my hair but I’ve not seen much improvement. The recent visit was quite disappointing as I was put through 4 hours session for just a trim (paid full haircut cost for trimming shoulder length hair by an inch), colour retouch and hair treatment. Most time was spent waiting at my seat.” – A review on their Facebook page on October 2018.

Our take on the salon:

Picasso Hair Studio seems to be an all-around great salon and would be one of the best options if you are looking for a place to get the complete works done to your hair— from a haircut to a hair perm, a changeup in hair colour, and a hair and scalp treatment. There is a reason why many customers feel that Picasso Hair Studio is the go-to place to get a great hairstyle and return frequently to get regular sprucing up of their hair. However, you might have to go through long waiting hours— sometimes even up to 4 hours for the entire process so this might not be the place for you if you are looking to get a quick fix for your hair and do not have so much time to spare. Many customers also seem to have a preference for certain hair stylists so it might be a good thing to first read up about the stylists at the salon and take a look at their works, styles, and expertise before plunging in and making an appointment! Making sure that you do all this research beforehand will help to make sure that you get the very hair styling experience you are looking out for.

Full House Salon

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 221 people

Address: Blk 510 Tampines Central 1, #01-250B, Singapore 520510, Blk 505, 1 Tampines Central #01-333 Singapore 520505

Website: https://fullhousesalon.com.sg

Full House Salon first opened his doors in 2007 and strives to make sure that their salon has a creative and relaxing environment that is unique to them. They emphasize on customer service and seeks to make sure that they are catering to your specific preferences when it comes to your own hair. They are a full-service hair salon and offers hair services ranging from a simple haircut to hair perming and hair treatment services. Located at the eastern part of Singapore, this is an extremely convenient hair salon to pop by if you are an Eastie. They are also committed to make sure that their hair stylists are constantly kept updated with their skills and knowledge in the hair styling industry, and have sent their hair stylists to continued training in Vidal Sassoon London and Joico Singapore, making sure that their skills are kept polished and fresh. This is a great place to visit if you are looking for a hairstyle that is kept up to the latest trends, as the hair stylists are constantly kept updated about them. The hair treatments that they offer include an age-defining system, a Mocouta Japanese treatment, a smoothing hair keratin treatment, and the TOKIO INKARAMI hair treatment. In particular, the TOKIO INKARAMI hair treatment contains the Nobel prize awarded antioxidant ingredient— fullerene, which helps in ensuring that your hair Is protected from the harmful UVB rays of the sun, and is repaired to its original health and shine.

The good:

“In order in salvage my hair, I was introduced by Natalie to go Goldwell keratin treatment… After all of the treatment process, my hair definitely felt smoother and softer. It certainly looked super straight and I could definitely see myself waking up with straighter hair each morning. My hair looks quite healthier and I could actually feel the smoothness of the hair through the waves which were good because there were no flyaways. Kudos to Natalie. You are my savior.” – A review on their Facebook page on October 2017.

The not so good:

“Went after reading all the good reviews… maybe I do not have chemistry with the stylist. Did not meet my expectation. The waiting time for col treatment n cut was long and the price was steep. Overall they should improve on time management I did not like it.” – A review on their Facebook page on January 2018.

“I have shoulder length hair but the salon charged me long hair rate. The entire lightening, colouring, treatment, and trim amount to $360. And that amount was only after I had reminded them that the salon has advertised to offer a 10% discount to the first timer. Let’s see how long does the hair colour last to determine if the product is truly of high quality. Overall, it is not that affordable for a neighborhood hair salon.” – A review on Beautyundercover on March 2019.

Our take on the salon:

Full House Salon is a great option if you stay in the East and do not want to travel further for your hair treatments, as it is located right in the Tampines neighborhood. It is also highly reviewed by its customers, so you know that you are in good hands. However, some discontent that has been voiced out include the steep prices for a neighborhood hair salon, so make sure that you are aware of the price of the services that they offer and have a discussion with your hair stylist about the final costs of the hair treatments that you will be getting before you decide to proceed. It is always good to make sure that you know what exactly you are paying for before starting any treatments to make sure that both you and your hair stylists are on the same page. It does not take up much extra time and effort, but can definitely go a long way in avoiding any miscommunication and making sure that your experience to the hair salon is a pleasant one!

Kenaris Hair Salon

Facebook rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 50 people

Address: Wheelock Place #04-03 501 Orchard Road S(238880)

Website: –

Kenaris Hair Salon is located in a quiet corner in Wheelock Place and is a little gem that you are really unlikely to spot unless you are especially looking out for it. The salon hopes to make their customers look and feel good after a trip to them, and prides itself on helping you get that classy and stylish hairdo that you are looking out for. The salon also features a modern and urban design with lots of space around so that you will not feel trapped when you are getting your hair fixed. The hair treatments that they offer include: the Kerastase Express or Essential Ritual (for Post Chemical without Mist), the Olaplex Treatment, the Kerastase Luxury Hair Treatment, the Kerastase Fusio-Thermie, the Kerastase Chromatique, the Kerastase Signature, the K-Gloss Smoothening Treatment, the Kerastase Chronologiste, the Keratin Treatment, the Argan Oil Treatment, and the Hair ReTexturising (Top) for Men. Prices for these treatment options range from $95 to $520 and above, depending on your hair length and the hair treatment that you opt for.

The good:

“I’ve been going to KENARIS Salon for 2 years and I’m always so happy with the results! One of the things that really impressed me is the service provided by all the hair stylists! I had a softening treatment done about 3 weeks back, however, my hair started curling out.

For context, a while back, I did a rebonding treatment in another salon and it was not done well, and when my hair grew out, it started to look so strange because the lower part was straight and the upper part was big and bushy which looked strange. Thus, I did a softening treatment to reduce the volume in my hair. However, my hair is quite stubborn and started curling out. When I called them to ask about it, they told me to come back and did another softening treatment for me. Now, my hair is so soft and silky! While doing the treatment, they kept asking me if I was alright as it was close to dinner time and they were worried that I was hungry. They even made hot Milo and gave me biscuits to eat during the treatment so I wouldn’t be hungry! Extremely impressed with the service!” – A review on their Facebook page on April 2019.

The not so good:

“Actually I’m surprised at all the good comments because I had the worst haircut here in my life. The very next day my friend commented that I look like I was in primary school. It’s like my primary school haircut, but for $80. I can post a photo to prove it but I’m too embarrassed. I’ve thick wavy hair that is difficult to get right, and every stylist I know blames it on my hair, and this one was no different and even tried to argue with me for suggesting something else about my fringe. Should have stuck to the stylists at Icon at Holland Village, who are much better and have less airs about them.” – A review on Beautyundercover on February 2016.

I did my first cut and perm at Kenaris with Aris earlier this year and really loved it. Today I went back for a second, different style perm. It was different from my first visit as this time an assistant did my perm instead. To be fair I should have said something when Aris told me her colleague will do my perm – I had mistakenly assumed she meant the application of perming lotion only. Of course, I do understand normally blow-dry, shampoo, application of dye/lotion is not done by the stylist; but for perm, placement of rollers is always done by the stylist – as that has been my experience in all other salons. To be clear, I do not have anything against the lady who permed my hair today. But I had expected the stylist to do it as he/she understands what I want. After 5 ½ hours, I was disappointed on the outcome of my perm as it was not what I want. Not sure if it was because it was not done personally by her? I still like the haircut though. Aris also gave me 10% discount on the haircut service which was appreciated (perm was full price). – A review on Beautyundercover on October 2016.

Our take on the salon:

Kenaris Hair Salon is not the place to be if you are looking for a new crazy haircut, but if you are looking for a hairstyle that is more manageable and just looks classically good, it is worth checking out. It is definitely also not the place to go if you are on a budget, as its hair services are a tad pricier than the other salons on this list. While we were unable to find any negative reviews on the hair treatments that they offer, there were a few customers who expressed their disappointment in their other hair services, such as their hair cutting services and their hair perming services. If you are looking for a place to get a hair treatment, do take these reviews in consideration too!

Bee Choo Origin Ladies

Facebook rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 69 people

Address: 5 Pahang Street, Singapore 198606

Website: https://www.beechooladies.com.sg

Bee Choo Ladies is one of a kind hair salon that caters only to women. The salon specializes in the herbal treatment that are made from herbal extracts. This means that the herbal treatment they offer are free from the traditional chemicals that dominate most hair treatments that you can find in other salons, making it the best option if you are worried about these chemicals having negative impacts on your health or believe in natural treatments. This is also the place to be if you are looking for more privacy, as it is a fully women-only salon, making sure that you can get your hair treatment without any worries in your mind. The salon also has a sitting section where you can draw out curtains to make sure that you have complete privacy when you are getting your hair treatments at the salon. 

Regardless of whether you have a dry scalp, an oily scalp, or just feel like your hair is damaged, the 100% natural hair treatment that the salon offers will do wonders for your hair. The natural herbs that they use in their hair treatments are well known to be great for healthy hair— such as Chuan Xiong, Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, and Ling Zhi. The essence of these natural herbs is extracted using a modern advanced extraction technology, making sure that all the nutrients that they contain are delivered in the best way possible right to your hair. 

The salon also has more than 18 years of experience in the hair loss treatment industry in Singapore, so you know that it is good. The price of the hair treatment is also extremely affordable, ranging from $41 to $69 depending on your hair length and the type of treatment that you choose. The salon is also known for having transparent pricing policies, and there are strictly no hidden charges in these prices when you come for a hair treatment session.

The good:

“I used to patronize the Bedok outlet. I had to stop after I started to use the hijab. When I saw this, I was so excited to go. I can honestly tell you the salon itself, the ambiance, the customer service will make you feel so comfortable you don’t want to leave! I am so blown away by the service they rendered. Totally out of words. Given the affordable pricing, I already planned for my next trip. Also, I am still in disbelief how this place has a prayer space and you can comfortably breastfeed if you need to too! How thoughtful of you. Thank you very much.”

“Got to know about origins lady’s from my friend’s social platform, thus decided to treat my Best Friend to a relaxing hair herbal treatment along Pahang street, were greeted by the ever chirpy and welcoming staff, though we arrived about 45mins before closing the staff was still happy to have us! Loved the entire herbal hair treatment love the smell and how soft and shiny my hair was!! Was served very nice cups of tea and treat to massage and lemongrass hot packs while having the 45mins hair steam! Superb!!!! Thank you, Melissa and her awesome team! Nicole and Sita!!! Will definitely recommend and come back again soon!!!! Price was also affordable compared to other lady’s salon I’ve tried 🙂 even though there was only one treatment it was enough and amazing!!” – A review on their Facebook page on May 2017.

The not so good:

“First visit to Bee Choo Origins Ladies.. The environment is conducive and comfortable.. The whole process was rather good.. One thing I don’t quite like was the music.. Would rather they have the radio on or something soothing and familiar.. That said, will most likely be back again tho..” – A review on their Facebook page on April 2019.

Our take on this salon:

Bee Choo Ladies seems to be a great place to go to for a no-frills hair treatment service that is good for your hair, and will not cause any harm to your health too. The salon is especially great if you are looking out for more privacy, as they offer private rooms and curtains that you can draw down to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. The customers who have tried out the hair treatment are also greatly satisfied with their experience, from the hair treatment to the customer service provided and the environment of the salon. If you are looking out for a place to get a hair treatment, this is definitely one of the best places you can go to!

We hope that this list has helped you to get to know a little more about the different hair salons you can go to for a hair treatment, and gave you an idea of where you will be heading to! Most importantly, look at your specific hair needs and make sure that you find a place that aligns to your needs and gives you a peace of heart when you are getting the hair treatment. After all, hair treatments are a great way to pamper yourself and are something simple that you can do for yourself to make your day a little better!