The 8 Best Scalp Treatment In Singapore In 2021 (updated)

Having a healthy scalp is probably the most important step in making sure that you are able to enjoy a head of thick, shiny and bouncy hair that makes you look and feel your very best. Often, we pay a lot more attention to protecting and up-keeping our hair itself, and since your scalp is not something that you see every day, it is often something that you might find yourself neglecting and forgetting about. However, healthy hair definitely begins at the scalp, and for you to have those luscious locks that you long for, you have to start taking good care of your scalp!

Common Scalp Problems. A scalp that is overly dry, itchy or oily can not only cause a lot of irritation, but also result in visible hair loss. For many of us girls out there, this can be a complete nightmare, as it would be a horrible experience to have your hair falling out in patches, or looking into the mirror to see your scalp all red and inflamed.

To make sure that you keep all these problems at bay, start putting in effort to take good care of your scalp, making sure that it is kept clean, fresh and nourished! A little effort everyday goes a long way, and we are sure that the future you would be thanking yourself for taking these necessary steps to keep your scalp healthy and happy!

What do you need for a healthy scalp?

There are many different things that you can implement in your life for a healthier scalp.

Balanced diet. A lot of what shows on the outside starts from within your body, so making sure that you are eating right is extremely important in ensuring that you scalp is kept healthy. Eating variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, eggs, nuts, fish that are high in omega-3s and chicken and antioxidant-rich foods help boost both your metabolism and the circulation of your blood, which both contributes to a healthy scalp. If you are finding it hard to make sure that you are meeting your daily requirements of nutrients and antioxidants, look into the different supplements that you can take alongside with a healthy diet!

Scalp massages. Massaging your scalp can help reduce stress and relax your mind, improve blood circulation, and distribute the natural oils that you have on your scalp. Ironically, many people find themselves really afraid of oils in their scalps but a good amount of natural oils is definitely not a bad thing— it can really help to keep your roots strong and hydrated. If your scalp is feeling dry, hair oils are a good investment for everyday use.

Less Washing of Hair. Contrary to what you might be told when you are young, you do not need to wash your hair every single day. Of course, if you are out and about in sunny Singapore, or if you have powered through an intensive workout, washing your hair will be a good idea to get all that sweat and grime off your scalp. However, if you have been sitting in an air conditioned room for the entire day, there really is no need for you to wash your hair daily. In fact, frequent washing can damage both your scalp and hair, stripping it of all the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair well hydrated. If you wash your hair, make sure that you do not brush it immediately after washing it! Your hair is extremely fragile when it is wet, and you do not want to damage it by brushing it straight after a bath. Instead, wait for your hair to dry before you comb it. For some great tips on how to properly wash your hair without causing unnecessary damage to your scalp, look here on this link.

Natural Hair Colour. If you are looking for a change in your hair colour, make sure that you do your research well as many hair colouring dyes are ammonia-based. Ammonia acts as a bleaching agent, and when it is in contact with your scalp, this harsh chemical can definitely cause some damage. Besides that, many hair dyes are also extremely drying on the scalp, and can leave you with a flaky and irritated scalp. To avoid such an unpleasant experience at the hairdresser’s, try to opt for natural hair colours, or salons that offer organic hair dye services, as these are usually a lot gentler and better for your scalp health! If you are interested in visiting a hair salon that uses organic hair products, here is a useful review of the various hair salons offering such services.

Scalp Treatments. If your scalp is not in an ideal state, or if you are simply seeking to give it some extra love and care, scalp treatments are your best bet! A good scalp treatment can make your roots feel refreshed and leave your hair feeling healthy and moisturised. If you are interested in giving yourself this well-deserved treat and simply do not know where to start, read on, as we will be sharing with you the 8 best places to get a scalp treatment in Singapore!

  1. 6 Elements Hair Spa by Jean Yip
  2. Luxescalp
  3. CYL Lab Solutions
  4. Yun Nam Hair Care
  5. TK TrichoKare
  6. Apegujeong Hair Studio
  7. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery
  8. Bee Choo Ladies

1. 6 Elements Hair Spa by Jean Yip

1. 6 Elements Hair Spa by Jean Yip

6 Elements Hair Spa claims to use more than 100 plant derived botanicals in their hair care products, including Cinnamon, Raspberry, Mulberry, Mint, Saffron, Black Sesame, Dandelion, Nettle, Turmeric, Willow Bark, Licorice, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Sage, Green Tea, Almond, Wild Yam, Fennel, Soya Bean, Saw Palmetto.

6 Elements Hair Spa claims that:

  • these botanicals that they have chosen to use in their hair products are all subjected to stringent quality and safety checks;
  • have tested all the botanicals used in their hair and scalp treatment products to identify any possibility of over dosage, allergies, or other complications arising from prolonged use of the products;
  • each treatment starts with a detailed scalp assessment before a high frequency therapy treatment. This is then followed with a specially customised hair wash, botanical mask and hair tonic.

While all these sound promising, a look into the reviews that have been left for the salon shows that the customers have been left far from satisfied after visiting the salon for their hair treatment services.

The parent branch, Jean Yip, has been criticised by ryeohyunelf for their unnecessarily long hair treatment sessions, causing much inconvenience to the customers. Specifically, she stated that: “My mum has been doing hair treatments with Jean Yip for quite a while and has already signed up for a few packages. The package usually contains 10 sessions and my mum would always push me to Jean Yip with her to finish up the sessions. Their service is the same as what the other salons provide but 1 thing that is annoying is the TIME taken for each hair treatment. For a simple hair treatment, it takes about 3 hours. This means no food and no toilet for 3 hours.” – The Smart Local Review

Besides that, the service at 6 Elements Hair Spa also seems to be less than ideal— and bad service is definitely something you do not want to encounter when you are seeking for a relaxing day at the salon. After making some time for yourself in your busy schedule, experiencing bad service at the salon can be a huge bummer that brings your mood all the way down to the pits.

A few customers have actively voiced their unpleasant encounters online— Kabila Tjiagaraj said that: “The treatment itself was okay. About the same as most places but wow the service was terrible. The woman serving me was so bitchy. I wanted to go back and see how my scalp is reacting before signing up for a treatment because my scalp is sensitive but once I said I’m not signing up she just stood up and walked away and didn’t even say the treatment was over. When I said thank you she didn’t even look up and said “yeah thanks” I was planning to go back and get the products but nope, I suggest going elsewhere where there are less rude people working.”

While another customer, Mahikka, complained that: “Very bad customer service. The lady was rude and in a big rush. I would never go there again and never recommend to any friends. Terrible service. Rude.”. Some customers were also left unimpressed by the treatments provided. Notably, Yvonne commented that she was “Not very impressed with the service or the treatment. Won’t be able to see much difference in one treatment and overall it’s just an average treatment.” – My Fave Review

2. Luxescalp

1. Luxescalp

Luxescalp offers a herbal paste hair treatment that they claim to be 100% natural. The hair salon also claims that the treatment will leave your hair fresher and more voluminious. Luxescalp state that their treatment products will help to remove oil and grease that is built up on the scalp without over drying it, leaving your scalp with a healthy sebum and pH balance. Furthermore, the treatment is effective in removing itchy scalp symptoms that are caused by germs on your scalp as the premium herbs used help to hydrate the hair follicles from the inside, leaving your hair clean and soft.

According to Luxescalp, they are the only company in Singapore that cooks their own fresh herbal paste that is free from preservatives instead of using a pre-made one making their herb treatments more effective as it is better absorbed by the scalp. The herb mixture is made out of a mix of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs which they claim are proven to treat hair loss problems. Compared to medical solutions, herbal treatments do not have side effects and are relatively cheaper. Besides that, laser therapies such as Low Level Laser Therapy may not be suitable for everyone.

However, despite these claims, customers have reported low levels of customer service that left them with a bad experience overall.

Customer Rebecca Goh opined that: “Very bad experience. I just walked out of the Novena branch coz I have been waiting for 30 mins for consultant Celest to see me but no, i did not see her at all. She did not even pop by into my consultation room. Apparently, she was busy with an existing customer and can’t see me. And there’s only 1 consultant. My time is totally not valued! This is so unprofessional. Luxescalp just wasted more than 30 mins of my time (including travelling). On the other hand, receptionist Lannie kept aplogising to me but I dont see a teamwork from the consultant.”

The bad customer service was also reported by another customer, Felica Chua, who stated that: “Terrible experience, suggest everyone before u go pls check the review first ,dun ever become another victim again,wasting our times n bad customer service.”

Besides the complaints on the bad customer service, some also report ineffective treatment results.

For instance, Moonie Poon expressed her disappointment in the treatment she got at Luxesclap by stating that: “Drop more hairs after 2 treatments & no answer from consultant whom i signed the package after my feedback. It’s too obvious that she just wants sales! Quite disappointed with her. The free shampoo make my scalp extremely dry & drop more hairs than usual. :(“

3. CYL Lab Solutions

CYL Lab Solutions offers a four-stage scalp treatment:

1st stage (Detox)The scalp is cleansed and removed deeply embedded impurities from the pores. This step claims to help with problems such as a greasy scalp, clogged pores, flakes surrounding pores and kenogen.

2nd stage (Restoring of scalp). Normal hair functions are restored by the increase of nutrients for the scalp, which then in turn prolongs the lifespan of your hair. This helps to deal with hair loss, unhealthy hair, vellus and weak hair.

3rd stage (Targeted to regrowth). The scalp is revitalised and given a boost, awakening dull and tired scalps and promoting hair growth. This step helps with pattern baldness and thinning hair.

4th stage (Boosting). This helps in building up the hair matrix and promoting melanin producing cells, resulting in a fuller and thicker head of hair.

While the reviews for CYL Lab Solutions are generally positive, Customer Sharon Ng commented that she did not have a positive experience at the salon. Instead, she felt that the salesperson was “slightly pushy”. She further commented that: “Instead of replacing the treatment that I first agreed upon, they had given me an additional treatment on top of the first one, and I was only informed upon payment. Also, my hair was not properly washed after the last treatment and it was really oily. The staff apologised, however, due to time constraint, I couldn’t stay on for her to rewash my hair. Of course, at the counter, they will try to sell you a package, and I told them I am rushing and can’t decide what kind of package I wanted, and the salesperson was again, quite pushy.” Overall, she was of the opinion that “the customer service is not professional and up to the standards”.

4. Yun Nam Hair Care

Yun Nam Hair Care offers a hair and scalp treatment known as the Yun Nam Fastgro Hair and Scalp treatment. This hair and scalp treatment uses premium Chinese herbs such as dang gui, he shou wu and ginseng to minimise hair loss, promote the growth of your hair, and to strengthen your roots. Besides that, it also helps to eliminate hair problems such as dandruff, scalp itchiness, scalp sensitivity and an oily scalp. They claim that this treatment will leave you with a healthy and balanced scalp which will promote the growth of a healthy head of hair.

However, despite their claims, some customers have reported negative experiences with the way the hair care centre carries out its sales. A blogger, dissatisfied with her experience in getting a treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care, commented: “Definitely I will never go back again.This is one of the shop i will ban for life. Bad service and most importantly I don’t think anybody should pay to be criticized by others. Bad sales positioning, I feel that the reason why it’s still around is becos they attacked on people’s fear and vanity.On top of that,they are very pushy and I also don’t like the idea having very dry hair and smell like dynasty paradise’s ginseng xiaolongbao for days.Thanks God that this is a free trial if not I must be crazy to travel so far to let people put me down.” – Tumblr Review

Besides this, there is also a complaint board set up for Yun Nam Hair Care, which you should definitely take a look at before deciding on which place to go to for your next hair and scalp treatment. Click here to take a look at the complaint board set up.

5. TK TrichoKare

TK TrichoKare is a Trichological centre that offers solutions for hair and scalp problems. If you are wondering what exactly is reichology, it is the science of the structure, function, diseases and care of the human hair and scalp, which covers the anatomy, chemistry and physiology, as well as nutrition, genetics and microbiology.

The trichological treatments can be tailored specially to treat the specific hair and scalp needs of each individual. The treatment utilises a three step process: (1) A Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis that give detailed diagnosis of the hair and scalp problems you are facing. (2) The use of treatments derived from a broad variety of natural plant extracts which targets your specific hair and scalp problems. And (3) Providing an expert advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle and some tips to get you started on your path to a healthier head of hair.

While the hair care centre is rated fairly and favourably on their Facebook page, a closer look into the comments reveal some unsatisfied customers voicing their displeasure:

Customer Nikki Lim was “very dissatisfied with the promoter’s rude behaviour and attitude”, and stated that a promoter “crudely told me to return the free sample that she passed it to me previously”. She further commented: “Is this how a promoter should behave or say to convince potential customers to try out the company’s products? By accusing and targeting people’s flaws and claiming that these products would solve all your worries? I am deeply disappointed by such attitude displayed by the promoter and the company should at least take the necessary action to re-train her about manners and professionalism.”

Besides that, Customer Joyce Chua also seems to be dissatisfied with the service at the hair care centre, stating that: “For those people who are thinking whether to sign up with TrichoKare. Please don’t. That’s my kind advice to all of you. Don’t waste time to get trashy service. I am always punctual, but as always I have to wait for at least half an hour before someone attends to me. Why, because TrichoKare constantly acquiring new customers, more than their allocated manpower. I am waiting to get my paid service done. If you do not have enough manpower, don’t slot your customers during that time frame. The last round I already feedback to your management on my unhappiness of one of your staff service and they promise to arrange for a better one during my next visit. What did I get at the end. Wasting my time n effort during a weekend.”

6. Apegujeong Hair Studio

Apegujeong Hair Studio is a relatively famous and well regarded Korean hair styling salon, better known for their hair cutting and hair styling services. However, what many may not know is that they also offer hair and scalp treatment services, such as its Signature Scalp Spa Detox. This treatment claims to be a gentle yet effective treatment option, cleansing and refreshing your scalp without damaging the integrity of your hair,

Despite it being widely reviewed in a positive light, one big downside to this Korean salon might be the price point of its hair and scalp treatment options, which start from $120 and can go all the way up to $210— an amount not everyone is able to splurge on regularly just for a hair and scalp treatment.

7. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Another Korean hair salon on the list, LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon, this salon boasts a cosy and comfortable ambience for those seeking for a peaceful place to just wind down and relax while getting your hair and scalp treatment done. The salon offers a wide variety of treatments, ranging from different brands such as Shiseido to Tokio Inkarami. If you are looking out for the Cinderella Treatment from Korea, you will be glad to hear that this place offers that too, which claims to leave your hair shiny and glossy.

The downside to this place is again the price— the prices are higher here than what you would typically see in other salons. With the standard treatments going from $240, this might not be an investment that you want to make.

8. Bee Choo Ladies

Bee Choo Ladies is consistently rated as providing one of the top effective hair loss treatments for women in Singapore. Here, we only use all natural and safe ingredients in our herbal hair loss treatment, which will instantly rejuvenate your scalp, solving your dry/damaged oily scalp problems. The natural dye that is present in the treatment also has the added bonus of colouring your white hair naturally, which is great if you are looking to cover up those roots.

The treatment employed here is a 4 step process:

Step 1: Apply Hair Tonic on your Scalp

Step 2: Apply Herbal Paste to your Scalp

Step 3: Steam Treatment of your Hair for 45 minutes

Step 4: Rinse Off the Herbal Paste, Scalp Massage and Conditioning of your Hair

If you are looking out for a more affordable option and do not want to burn a hole in your pocket getting these hair and scalp treatments, Bee Choo Ladies is for you! Our signature herbal hair loss treatment prices range from $41 to $69 depending on the length of your hair.

If you are facing any hair problems, and all the leave in hair treatments you have been fervently trying do not seem to work, perhaps the problem lies in your scalp! The scalp is definitely a part that we often neglect, but at the same time is so important in the health of our hair. If you are in need of a scalp refresh, and want to get that healthy head of hair that will give your confidence a boost, Bee Choo Ladies is a great option, promising great results without killing the bank.