The 6 Cheap Scalp Treatment Options in Singapore in 2021

In this blogpost we will introduce some of the 6 cheap scalp treatments in Singapore, under $100. Across the board, we actually pin point the pricing around $50 but it can be really hard to find such cheap scalp treatment options in Singapore. These are sourced from our own research as well as referenced from other articles where people have compiled their own selection of cheap scalp treatments. We will start with some popular ones. A quick google search will reveal some top searches so we will start with those.


TK Trichokare

TK Trichokare

First one would be TK Trichokare. Just looking from the first page of google, I think it is safe to assume that their first time trial of their scalp treatment is $45 NETT. You can even get an additional $15 off if you sign up for this treatment at Ngee Ann City or Velocity at Novena before 23rd May, 2021 and when you do sign up, you can get a $10 grab food voucher, hair serum and travel hair care kit all for free as well.

This treatment consists of the Tricho Scan and Tricho Analysis, advice from the specialists at TK Trichokare, and lastly a unique hair scalp treatment. For those of you who do not know what TK Trichokare is or what they do, they are an all natural hair treatment salon, where they use European herbs in all their treatments. Their European herbal hair remedy does not contain any strong or harsh chemicals and its trichologist certified. It is also uniquely formulated and created, and stringently and properly tested in their laboratories in order to ensure that they mean strict standards, as well as to ensure that they suit all types of hair and all hair conditions.

Additionally, the fact that they do not contain harsh chemicals and their products are made entirely from natural European herbs means that their treatment can be used by all ages, even children, as their treatments are delicate and will not harm children’s sensitive scalps. They have 13 years of providing specialized and targeted hair treatments to their customers. They also consistently do research in order to ensure that they keep up to date with current market trends and customer demands. They also constantly upgrade themselves with new knowledge available as well as the newest and latest technologies, in order to keep themselves relevant, and to provide the best hairdressing and hair scalp treatments for their customers.

There are also some key benefits to using TK Trichokare’s natural herbal remedies, as found on their website. Their hair treatment helps to nourish hair follicles as well as the scalp in order to provide and ensure an effective, visible, obvious and long-lasting effect. This scalp treatment also provides scalp cleansing, and the herbal properties of the treatment also has detoxifying properties which has been used over the centuries to maximise and optimize the health of scalp skin.

This hair treatment and hair remedy is also enriched with the application and supply of minerals and vitamins that can help to improve blood circulation, which enables more nutrients to reach the scalp. Metabolism of cells of the scalp is also sped up and clogged pores can be cleansed at an increased rate with the help of this scalp treatment.

The hair treatment also helps to balance scalp pH levels, and regulates oil and sebum production of the scalp. Additionally, this scalp treatment is customized for each individual’s hair loss issue, which helps one achieve healthier hair while encouraging cell growth on the scalp. It can also help restore hair to its natural luster and glossy state.

Furthermore, customers have written that the consultants at TK Trichokare give very good advice and they are very attentive to the needs of the customers. And when the customers follow their advice they say that their scalp condition improved greatly. Additionally, the treatment is also very soothing and comfortable. Their recommended treatments also leave their customers’ scalps feeling very clean and refreshed.

They claim to have over 10,000 satisfied customers, and winning multiple awards, including the Her World Hair Awards 2019 for the best hair scalp cleansing treatment, Women’s weekly hair awards 2019 winner for best anti-ageing hair treatment, and even a recent 2021 expat living readers’ choice awards 2021 for best hair loss treatments. In order to make their services and products more accessible, they have multiple outlets all over Singapore. They have outlets at Nex at Serangoon, Ngee Ann city at orchard road, The Clementi at Clementi and Velocity mall at Novena.

However, while this treatment may seem cheap at first glance, it is likely to only be a one time trial, and the subsequent treatments will likely be at the original price of $75, which is a huge increase in price as compared to the first time price. In addition, their consultation when not using any of their packages is expensive; it is priced at $85.60 per hour.

A quick google search also reveals that their hair care products are priced at an average of $200. This treatment is not cheap in anyway. There was also a recent review from March 2021, where a client said that the staff kept ‘harsh selling’ their products. This can result in a very uncomfortable experience for the client as they would be pressurised into paying for their packages and their products, especially when their products are not cheap.

Another review from 2019 noted a similar experience. The customer wrote that the sales person kept pushing for their products and kept insisting that the customer purchase their packages even though the customer has declined and gave a valid reason as to why they do not wish to purchase anything. Afterall, people go to a salon for a professional and comfortable experience.

Who wants to be constantly pressurised into purchasing products where they are unaware of how good the product is and it is expensive? Additionally, while they do have monthly promotions or first time promotions such as this one, where their packages become priced at $40 to $50 instead of the usual $700 for the same package, the staff hard sells their products so TK TrichoKare is definitely not cheap in the long run.

Yun Nam Hair Salon

Yun Nam Hair Salon

The next hair treatment salon we will look at is Yun Nam hair salon. Another classic and famous one in Singapore. As a first time trial promotion, their famous FASTGro treatment is only $28. This promotion includes a computerised hair and scalp scan, and a FASTGro hair and scalp treatment. During the treatment, you can therefore expect there to be a professional hair and scalp check, which is followed by a comprehensive hair and scalp scan analysis and lastly, end of with a FASTGro hair and scalp treatment.

According to their website, Yun Nam has been at the forefront of hair care treatments and scalp care in the last 30 years. They have strived to remain at the front of creating ‘innovative and botanical-based products’ to deal with hair loss and other hair and scalp related issues. There are multiple benefits to this treatment that you will receive in this promotion, FASTGro. FASTGro helps to reduce the amount of hair that falls every day, is able to stimulate healthy growth of hair, relives and soothes  scalp itch and irritation, and prevents and reduces the risk of scalp inflammation. It is also able to resolve the problem of recurring dandruff and can deeply nourish, moisturise and strengthen hair roots and hair follicles.

The FASTGro hair and scalp treatment consists of 6 chinese herbs that work together to help tackle and resolve the issues that were mentioned above. It includes ginseng, hong hua, dang gui, dang shen, he shou wu and chuan xiong. Ginseng works by increasing hair thickness and is able to nourish the entire strand of hair from root to tip. It is also able to relieve and sooth itch and irritation of the scalp. Next is dang gui. Dang gui helps prevent hair loss, strengthens hair roots and promotes the growth of new hair.

All these help to reduce hair fall and make hair as lustrous as before. There is also he shou wu, which promotes dark hair growth and also helps to cover up white hairs. It can also prevent hair from turning grey and is an excellent and effective ingredient in hair growth. Next there is Hong hua. Hong hua helps to prevent dandruff and is able to minimise scalp inflammation. It can also promote and improve blood circulation to the scalp which can allow more nutrients to be brought to there. This can promote hair growth. There is also dang shen. Dang shen encourages hair growth, is able to protect hair from damage and breakage, and also helps in preventing hair loss and greying. The last ingredient in Yun Nam’s treatment is Chuan xiong. Chuan Xiong helps in reducing hair fall every day, promotes and enhances healthy hair production, and is also known as the best herb for the treatment of balding.

Hence I am sure that most of us have definitely heard of some of these products before. This coupled with how famous and renowned Yun Nam is in Singapore is therefore able to spark confidence in potential customers who are considering their treatments.

They also have numerous rewards and reviews. Yun Nam has won the Gold award in Readers’ Digest trusted brands consecutively in 2015 and 2016, which is voted for by customers. They have also won Superbrand’s Singapore’s choice in 2013 and 2021 consecutively, as well as the Blissful Brides Editor’s Choice preferred beauty wellness brands in 2016. This proves that Yun Nam is an effective brand as they are able to win the support of their customers for so many years in order to allow them to win awards.

They also have multiple positive reviews by their customers, based on their various outlets islandwide and their various professional and helpful consultants. These reviews are also very recently written, with most of them from March 2021. In general, the reviews state that the staff are very professional and friendly, and the consultants are very good at what they do. They are able to clearly explain to the customers, in concise and simple language, the issues that the customers are facing.

The staff is also very meticulous; they will provide real life comparisons of the before and after photos, as well as checking the scalp after every wash to show real time changes. This shows that Yun Nam is able to remain relevant and effective and they are also able to provide their customers with excellent service. Lastly, they have a set of frequently asked questions, where they state that there will not be any hard selling of packages or promotions, and that there are no hidden costs to their promotions as well. Yun Nam also has multiple locations all over the island, such as Tiong Bahru Plaza, Woodland’s Civic centre, Lot One’s shoppers’ mall, Ang Mo Kio Hub and Plaza Singapura.

However, similar to what has been mentioned for TK Trichokare, this cheap $28 treatment is only for the first session. And despite their claim on price transparency, it is difficult to find the prices of their other treatments, and even the subsequent FASTGro treatments. This is further supported by how several reviews online have written that Yun Nam is rather pricey, especially the packages. Additionally, the staff there tend to rather aggressively push their products and packages onto new clients, especially those who are there for a free trial. This SGMummy shared on her blog about her Yun Nam Hair Care review that they hard sell packages that cost up to thousands of dollars, despite the customers declining repeatedly and even the staff themselves know that the customers are only there for a free trial to see if the treatment is suitable for them. This would make the overall experience much less comfortable. This also proves that Yun Nam is not actually the cheap treatments that they make themselves up to be, in the longer run post first time trial.

Hence, most established places in Singapore, with a great and renowned reputation are only ‘cheap’ for the first trial. Subsequent packages and treatments can set you back thousands of dollars which are definitely not cheap or affordable in anyway. Furthermore, if one were to try other actual cheaper alternatives, they might not be very effective, or there may be parts of the treatment that they are skimping out on which can account for such low prices. Thus, one should be wary and should do enough research before going for any of such lesser known scalp treatment and remedies. In fact, through my research, most affordable scalp treatment places are also minimally $100 and above for there to be any sort of proper ‘effect’. Only for treatments above $100 will there be any sort of added benefit, for example through the use of special herbs, medications or technology. Let’s use the example of this affordable hair salon I found which has multiple different types of scalp treatments available at different prices.

Vintage Studio Hairdressing Spa

Vintage Studio

Vintage hair studio initially started out in order to provide quality hair services such as ‘indoor and outdoor styling, creative styled haircuts, hair colouring, rebonding, perming as well as hair and scalp treatment services’. They strategically planned the location of their stores in order to provide great convenience for all their customers and clients. They have outlets all over the island, and even a make-up academy located in Malaysia.

Now, they are a hair styling salon that leads a group of professional and talented stylists who are all specialised and extremely capable in handling hairdressing, as well as hair and scalp treatments. They aim to deliver the best quality services through the use of the highest quality products and a high level of skills and ability to assist their clients in enhancing their physical appearance and beauty wellness. They also pride themselves on being a hair salon that priorities their clients wellbeing and communication with their clients. They believe that having an in depth understanding of the needs of their clients, coupled with their creative expertise, will be able to provide hair treatments and services that are perfectly suited to each individual.

As listed on their page, they offer multiple types of hair and scalp treatment available. And there are only two affordable ones which are below $100; the pre-chemical scalp therapy and the classic scalp therapy, priced at $32.10 and $94.15 respectively. However, even though they are the seemingly most affordable ones, I was unable to find any description of the treatments on their website, which indicates that either it is not as popular because of the lack of description of this treatment, or that this treatment is not what they are known for.

In fact, they have other scalp therapies that are only slightly more expensive and there are actually descriptions for them. These therapies include the Advance Scalp therapy and the Intense Scalp therapy which cost $115.55 and $179.75 respectively. The Advance scalp therapy helps to nourish, moisturise and makes the scalp healthy again. It also restores the scalp while encouraging the scalp to produce and maintain healthier hair. The treatment can also be customised to each individual’s needs, such as to deal with the different causes of hair loss, as well as dandruff, oily and sensitive scalp.

This scalp treatment can help maintain the proper and correct functioning of hair follicles, nourish, moisturise and restores the scalp in order to provide a constant energy reserve for the scalp and is also able to be customised for each customer depending on their needs such as treatment for hair fall, scalp sensitivity and irritation, dandruff and oily scalp. The next treatment is the Intense Scalp therapy – bio microstimulation therapy. This therapy helps in preventing hair loss and optimising the scalp to allow for healthy hairs to grow. It uses microstimulation in order to relax and soothe the scalp. Doing this helps trigger the sebaceous glands on the skin of the scalp to produce more oxygen. This is done through the use of an acupuncture machine to improve and enhance the results. This anti bacteria treatment helps treat scalp issues such as scalp acne, dandruff, as well as oily and sensitive scalp.

They also have multiple testimonials on their website talking about their treatments and their hairstyling services. Overall they are positive comments, with people describing that the hair treatments leave their hair feeling very fresh and clean and that the hair stylists really know what they are doing. They also have multiple outlets islandwide, including 313 somerset at somerset station, northpoint city shopping mall at yishun, westgate mall at Jurong and Bedok mall at the east of Singapore. Hence, this proves that this hair salon is very competent in what they do and they are able to provide customers a satisfactory and comfortable experience, as they are able to expand to so many outlets.

However, it was actually quite difficult to find negative reviews of this salon. Maybe it is due to the fact that this salon is not actually well known for its hair or scalp treatments, and is instead more famous for its hairdressing services, such as hair cuts, hair dyes and other hair services such as rebonding and perming? Introducing this salon was also just to prove the point that in order for one to get the most out of hair or scalp treatments, one should be prepared to pay more in order to have a more effective and comfortable experience, as generally across the market trends, there are hardly any salons which offer prices for scalp treatments that are below $100. And even if there were, one ought to be wary as to what parts of the treatment they are cutting costs in in order to be able to provide such low prices.

Jonsson Protein Singapore

You might have seen celebrities endorsing this brand, Jonsson Protein Singapore and they are running first time trial promotion of S$28 hair treatment considered cheap for a one time treatment but the fine print states that the treatment price is up to S$438 – which you can verify here. It seems to be similar to the other 3 hair salons we have researched about earlier except that it uses VE Protein for hair treatment. Usually such cheap hair treatments that exists as first time trial prices may also mean selling of packages in future sessions would be necessary to cover back the initial cheap treatment price. To investigate if this is true and if there are indeed such cases, we googled and found a few such blogs stating their unpleasant negative experience.

First we can see from Melfann’s blogpost where she dedicates a whole blogpost in full with the title that persistent is not the key for Jonsson Protein. To sum up, she was constantly being hardsold by the staff at various different stages of the treatment from consultation to applying of serum/treatment process where the staff was suddenly able to drop the price lower and the initial 10 sessions of a package could be dropped to 5 etc.

Second miss qiuyuan shared her experience at one of the outlets in Jonsson Protein where the staff was hardselling her a package but thankfully it stopped after her rejection. She however ended up buying some of the the products which she stated that it was NOT cheap, though she has yet to follow up if it was effective. So do beware of cheap hair treatment deals!

Last but not least, we found another Jonsson Protein Singapore review from this lady BlankQ where she bought the treatment and ultimately did not see effectiveness, although she did not put the blame on Jonsson Protein, instead putting it on herself such as not following through on the rigourous routine etc. But she was very upset by the continuous upselling of new package since her old package had 5 sessions left or so. In the end, she ended the post by saying she would donate the remaining 4-5 packages to the shop and I am sure we could empathise with her plight.

Bee Choo Origin

Now we will introduce the Bee Choo brand, which can be split into Bee Choo Origin and Bee Choo Ladies. The difference between the two will be explained down below.

I am sure most of us would have heard of the Bee Choo Brand at least once but if not, here is a quick introduction for you.

Bee Choo Origin was established and founded in the year 2000 by Madam Cheah Bee Chew herself, who was determined to find an affordable and all natural solution to address hair fall, balding and scalp related issues. She started out in a small flat in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, initially working with just a single steamer and the sole worker of her brand, where she began to dabble in natural remedies and when they worked, her customers encouraged her to expand and turn it into an actual marketable product. Subsequently, she received guidance and mentorship from various Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians and from there she learned, concocted, experimented and began to refine her products until she eventually came up with the famous and effective Bee Choo Origin products that we know and love today. We have been established for over 20 years now, and we have 21 outlets in multiple locations spread all throughout Singapore. We also have over a 130 outlets throughout the Asia Pacific region, spanning across 11 countries including Taiwan and Brunei, as well as 200 stores globally. This proves that Bee Choo Origin is a reliable and effective brand as we are able to expand to so many outlets abroad.

Madam Cheah Bee Chew and our brand have won numerous accolades and awards. These include the Singapore Prestige brand award in 2015, the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star award 2016, and the Golden Eagle award for the top 100 enterprises in Malaysia in 2014 which shows that we are not just well recognised in Singapore, but abroad as well. We have also won more recent awards. In 2019 we were the finalists in the Readers’ Choice Awards for hair lost treatments, and we also won the Beauty award in 2019 for the best hair loss and thinning treatment. This proves that our brand is effective as these are relatively recent awards and also proves that our brand is able to stay relevant and keep up to date on the newest technologies and treatments for hair loss and scalp treatment. We were even featured on the business times before, with the articles ‘power of testimonies drives business growth’ in 2016, and ‘Sincerity before profits’ in 2017. Hence, this further proves that our brand is the real deal and that we are legitimate and good at what we do.

Bee Choo Origin’s herbal hair products are 100% natural, made with 16 different herbal ingredients, including premium Chinese herbs and herbal leave extracts. These helps to effectively remove impurities and any other bacteria or unwanted things from the scalp, and provides a nutrient filled environment to tackle hair loss related issues, and to improve blood circulation so that growth of healthy hair can be promoted. There are also no added synthetic chemicals. We are also GMP certified and all our products are made in Singapore so you can be assured of our quality. They are also suitable for both males and females.

Our hair care products and treatments can work for a myriad of hair issues, including covering white and grey hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, post-partum hair loss, general hair loss as well as oily scalp. In addition, our products are formulated and made in Singapore. Hence you can be assured of the quality of the products that you will receive. In addition, this helps us ensure that our products meet the needs of Asians, as most of our customers are in the Asia pacific region. In Asia, most countries are hot and humid, especially in south east asia where we experience a tropical climate. Even for countries that do not have a tropical climate, their summers can be as hot as 40 degrees, making it even hotter and humid. This means that we would have a tendency to sweat easily, and the sweat will not evaporate fast enough due to the humidity in the air. This can cause oily scalp and clogged pores, thereby reducing the overall health of our scalp and hair. In addition, people are usually told not to wash their hair everyday as this is not healthy for the hair due to the harsh chemicals in shampoo stripping away the natural oils and moisture from the hair. This causes hair to be even more unhealthy and weak as the sweat and oil can clog up the hair follicles for an even longer period of time. Hence, one other benefit of Bee Choo Origin’s products is that it is formulate for Asians, by Asians, thereby ensuring that all our clients’ needs are met.

We also conduct market research as well as hair loss treatment research, in order to ensure that we continue to meet the needs and demands of our customers, and to enable us to remain relevant in the ever evolving and changing industry. The research is also necessary for us to ensure that the quality of our products continue to meet the highly competitive industry standards, and for us to provide the same high quality products and treatments that we have afforded our customers for the last 21 years, and to provide them with even better quality treatments.

We are able to tackle and address multiple hair loss or scalp related issues. These include including itchy scalp, dandruff, post-partum hair loss, different types of hair loss as well as oily scalp.

As our products are entirely natural, this means that there will be much less side effects and irritation when you use them, especially if this is your first time undergoing our treatment or using our products, as your scalp and hair would not be used to them. Hence, you can feel more reassured in using our products or our treatments. Hence, this shows that our process and treatment is entirely safe as everything is natural. The lack of chemicals used in our products and treatments also ensures that there will be no strong, pungent smells and there is likely to be less side effects as well as irritation, which will make the whole experience much more comfortable.

Some of the ingredients that we use in our products include ginseng, he shou wu, ling zhi and dang gui. Ginseng helps in anti-aging and aids in new hair growth and regenerating, while he shou wu slows down grey hair production and helps restore hair pigmentation. This is a very good all natural way for customers who would like a safe and effective method to cover up their white and grey hairs. Ling zhi helps reduce itchiness and lowers the risk of infection. Our last key ingredient is dang gui, which helps regulate scalp immunity. Hence, Ling zhi and dang gui is extremely useful and effective as for some people, their cause of hair loss is due to bacterial or fungal infections. Having these two important ingredients together can help to reduce the risk of infections of the scalp and helps clients who have bacterial infections or fungal infections of the scalp tackle and cure this problem.

At the start of the treatment, we will use a ginger hair tonic on your hair. This is the very first step, which can help prepare your hair for better absorption of the nutrients that the subsequent steps will provide. Afterwards, we will apply 100% pure virgin olive oil onto the ends of your hair to ensure that they remain silky smooth and that there are no split ends. Then, we will apply our specially formulated hair cream to the entire scalp and hair to ensure complete and maximum absorption for the optimal effect. Afterwards, we will help you do a steaming treatment that lasts for approximately 45 minutes. This helps open up the pores in your scalp in order to remove any impurities there may be and ensures that the maximum amount of nutrients in our cream can be absorbed. Lastly we will wash off and blow dry your hair. However, your hair will be left partially dry in order to enable there to be continued absorbance of our product into your hair over the next few hours. The entire treatment process will take about an hour and a half, and we hope that you will be able to use this time to relax with us. This process also shows that our treatment is non-invasive, there are no injections, medications or pain as the entire process is all natural, and that it only requires a simple application.

After reading about Bee Choo origin, you may be worried about our prices as it sounds too good to be true. However, fret not as we pride ourselves on being extremely affordable. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in themselves and their hair without having to break their bank. This also means that we are extremely price transparent with no hard selling of our products to you as we want you to have a comfortable experience with us. So you will only need to pay for what you want, and the price will be fixed as they are. For males, the cost is only $34, whereas for females, the price depends on the length of your hair. The price ranges from $36 to $64, where $36 is for short hair and $64 is for longer hair. If your hair is past your waist, it is an additional $6. However, the actual price of treatment will be told to you by our staff in stores based on the length and thickness of your hair.


Additionally, Bee Choo Origin has multiple outlets throughout Singapore that allows for greater convenience and accessibility for any potential clients. We have branches in Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Clementi and even Bedok.

Bee Choo Ladies


Bee Choo Origin Ladies is a premium sub brand of Bee Choo Origin. So, the main difference is that Bee Choo Ladies was designed exclusively for female hair loss treatments. This enables us to provide privacy for women, as well as formulate specialised treatments to deal with female hair loss. Hence, you can be rest assured as this means that we are specialised in treating women’s hair loss, and we have done the necessary research and have the relevant expertise to help ladies who are suffering from hair loss problems such as white hair, oily scalp, dandruff etc. This is proven as we are also known as the best hair loss treatment salon for ladies in Singapore.

YouTube video

With regards to the various ingredients mentioned above, this comes with additional benefits for women. For example Ginseng is able to help warm up the body which is essential for women, and Dang Gui can help in blood circulation. Hence, ladies can relax as they already have the knowledge that these items are good for them. Additionally, the natural pigments present in He shou wu is perfect for ladies who want an all natural fix to cover their white hairs. This natural hair dye is safe and effective.

Do not worry as the prices for Bee Choo Ladies is just as affordable as Bee Choo Origin. Our prices range between $41 to $69 depending on your hair length; $41 is for shorter hair while $69 is for much longer hair.

We have also received multiple effective reviews on our treatments. As written by Allana on Bee Choo Ladies’ page, she states that she has been suffering from hair thinning and hair loss for 10 years and after a rebonding session, she actually developed an allergy to the harsh chemicals used. Ever since then her hair volume and thickness was much less than before. However, after coming to Bee Choo Ladies, after 13 treatments, her scalp made a full recovery. She also mentioned that she tried other famous hair salons such as Yun Nam but they did not work. This proves that we are very good at what we do and that our products and treatments are extremely effective.

Unfortunately we have only one outlet at Bugis but we promise the trip is worth it.

Let us help you with any hair related issues today! Also check out our instagram account @beechooladies for more satisfied customers review!