Dry scalp treatment in Singapore from Bee Choo Ladies

Dry scalp treatment in Singapore from Bee Choo Ladies

Dry scalp is the condition where your sebaceous cell in your scalp doesn’t produce enough sebum. Having the right amount of sebum is important; too little and your scalp will be dry, too much and your scalp will be oily. In this article we will explore:

  1. How to know if your scalp is dry
  2. How dry scalp conditions occur
  3. How to solve the issue on your own
  4. Which professional salons or treatments that can help you solve the problem.

1. How to know if your scalp is dry

The sure method of checking is to look at your scalp under a microscope. Below are two images, once of a healthy scalp and one of a dry scalp. The difference is clear to see.

Healthy Scalp
Dry Scalp

However, not everyone owns a hair scanning microscope or has the know-how to get such a scalp scan done. Salons like ours’ (Bee Choo Ladies) provide such services, and we are sure similar companies would also provide such services, but if you prefer to check it out on your own, another way to check if you have dry scalp is to look for the symptoms.

Dry scalp is usually accompanied by itchiness, whitish dandruff flakes, or soreness on the scalp. You could also run your finger through your scalp, if your fingers aren’t oily, then it could also mean that your scalp is on the dryer side. Ideally, your scalp should have some natural oil in it.

2. How dry scalp conditions occur

Dry scalp occurs when insufficient sebum is produced, hence, the root of the problem is, therefore, the sebaceous cells. There are many factors that can cause your sebaceous cells to malfunction.

Some of the factors include:

  • Washing hair with unsuitable shampoo
  • Over washing of hair
  • Climate changes or environment changes (i.e. migrate from tropical country to temperate country. New job in a cozy office, etc)
  • Dehydration (not drinking enough water)
  • Taking long hot showers or baths to frequently

3. How to solve the issues on your own

Change your shampoo:

The shampoo usage is a very easy one to deal with, if the current shampoo isn’t working for you, just change it to one that is suitable for dry scalp. The options for shampoo are multifarious, get the one that works for you. Here’s a pro-tip for you. The natural pH value of your scalp is 5.5. Below 5.5, chances are your scalp is oily and above 5.5 it would be dry. Hence to combat dryness, you should aim for a shampoo with a pH slightly below 5.5.

Avoid washing your hair with warm/hot water. Warm water will remove the natural oils on your scalp, so if you’re washing your hair too frequently with warm water, it will dry out your scalp faster. In fact, you can wash your hair once in two days if you did not do any vigorous exercise or if you are mostly staying in air-conditioned environments.

If you often do chemical treatments, i.e. rebonding, hair dye, perming; then these could also be another cause of your dry scalp. Restrain yourself from exposing your scalp to chemicals. These chemicals are very harmful to the scalp and can cause your sebaceous cells to malfunction and may even lead to hair loss.

Another common issue leading to dry hair could be going to bed with a wet head. Do not do that as it could leave to dry scalp or even dandruff. Always dry your scalp and hair before heading to bed.

If you’re unable to solve it on your own, then why not leave it to a professional trichologist to resolve the issue for you? Here’s a list of professional salons/clinics who can solve your issue.

4. Which professional salons or treatments will help you solve the problem?

Bee Choo Origin – Herbal Hair Treatment

Bee Choo Origin is the biggest hair treatment salon chain in Asia with over 200 outlets. The chain of herbal treatment salons was founded in Singapore and prides itself with providing safe, natural, herbal treatment at affordable prices.

How Bee Choo herbal treatment works: Bee Choo strongly believes in traditional Chinese medicines, the treatment originates from a blend of Chinese herbs that penetrates the scalp, providing essential nutrients and vitamins to the scalp and promoting blood circulation in the scalp. Once the scalp is in its optimal condition, your own scalp will be able to rid itself of the problems it is suffering from, such as dry scalp. Below is the video of Bee Choo Herbal scalp treatment.

YouTube video

Bee Choo Ladies – Speciality premium outlet

Bee Choo Origin has a specialty outlet for ladies only, so if you’re looking for an outlet with more privacy then you can visit that special outlet at 5 Pahang Street, Singapore 198606. [Bee Choo Ladies]

Bee Choo Ladies at 5 Pahang Street
Only Ladies

Other treatments

  • Coconut oil – This simple home solution can help oil your scalp and hair, reducing the dryness. However, not everyone is a fan of the smell and it may even cause your hair to feel a little to oily. Whilst this might work, we don’t recommend it as coconut oil is not mean to be a permanant oil for your scalp and hair
  • Tea Tree oil – Similar to coconut oil, Tea Tree oil does have instrinsic properties that can relieve dry scalp and its symptoms
  • Anti Dry Scalp Shampoos – There’s a dime and dozen of these kind of shampoo. Some may work for some people but most of the time you’d be left disappointed. An expensive shampoo does not neccessarily mean it is better or suitable for your scalp. Sometimes, a shampoo might work for you for several months then stop working. We recommend changing shampoos whenever you feel like it is not working for you. What’s more important is the way you wash your hair, which we had covered in this blog post: Wash your hair the proper way

There are many other wives ‘ tales on how to treat dry scalp, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, etc. personally, we do not know if they will work or not, but we do know that our unique Bee Choo Herbal Treatment works, otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many outlets and customers. Here’s a testimonial from a customer who had dry scalp and recovered quickly from it after doing our herbal treatment at the Ladies only outlet at 5 Pahang Street.

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