Why is my Scalp Dry and what are ways to combat it?

People who have dry scalp will observe flaking skin at the scalp and this will generate dandruff that can be quite irritable. However, dry scalp is not the only cause of dandruff. Dandruff is also possibly a result of too much oil on your scalp. When one has dry skin, flaking results in white dandruff and if your scalp has excess oil, yellowish flakes would be visible. Dry scalp causes itching and eczema that result in skin conditions such as having red patches on the scalp. When the problem is prolonged, hair loss occurs.


(Dandruff caused by dryness, taken by Bee Choo Ladies @ 5 Pahang Street Singapore)

(Dandruff caused by excess oil, taken by Bee Choo Ladies @ 5 Pahang Street Singapore)


Insufficient moisture for your scalp will result in dry scalp; this condition is not common in Asia due to the warm and humid weather which conditions oil production. However, office workers who spend most of their time in air-conditioned environment could have dry hair as a result of air-conditioning. Over usage of shampoo is another contributing factor to dry scalp. Too much use of hair spray and hair gel would make your scalp very dry as well. Lastly, with age, natural oil secreted by our body reduces which is why older people have a higher possibility of suffering from dry scalp.


Here are some suggestions to combat dry scalp:


  1. Use unscented shampoos or shampoos dedicated for scalp.
  2. Using cool water/water of room temperature when washing your hair.
  3. Go to a hair treatment salon for a scalp treatment.
  4. Avoid chemical hair treatments such as dyeing, perming and rebonding.
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight daily.


Reduce the intake of sugary food and drinks! Soft drinks, ‘Bubble’ Tea and Coffee have high sugar level and you should take them in moderation. Spicy foods would also cause drying of scalp. Too much salt and alcohol will also cause your skin and scalp to dry up. Keep yourself hydrated on a regular basis and take in more vitamins through consuming more fruits and vegetables. Health supplements such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, zinc and flaxseed oil can aid in your scalp production of sebum.


There is hope to preserve and sustaining your healthy hair through our authentic and natural haircare treatment from herbal extracts and plant oil. Look for hair tonics that can give your hair the necessary vitamins and moisturising of scalp. A quality tonic applied daily aids in the reduction of dryness of scalp.