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If you are looking for a specialized female only hair loss treatment in Singapore, you are at the right place. In this post, we explain about why hair loss occurs, the reasons as well as where you can get specialized hair loss treatment in Singapore, for ladies only.

Understanding hair loss

If after your shower or blowing dry your hair and you notice hair strands on the toilet floor or on your bedroom, it is perfectly normal (read about how to know if you are having hair loss issues). Everyone loses hair daily, this is a result of your hair’s natural growth cycle and ecosystem at work.

There are three stages in your hair’s natural growth cycle. The first stage is the anagen stage where your hair strand is actively growing. The duration of this stage lasts between 2 to 8 years.

The second stage is a short transition phase called catagen stage that lasts up to 21 days. In this stage, the hair has stopped growing and is preparing to shed.

The third and last stage is the telogen stage, where the hair is expelled from the follicle (the structure that holds and produces the hair). The follicle stays dormant, after the hair falls and this stage lasts up to 3 months. Then a new hair strand begins to grow.

Possible reasons for your hair loss

Hair loss (alopecia) can happen due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, heredity genes, medical conditions, poor diet nutrition, post giving birth or it can also be a normal part of ageing. You can attribute hair loss to either external or internal body events. Studies have shown that the most common cause of hair loss in women is a genetic condition called female pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia.

This female pattern hair loss (read about 5 types of hair loss patterns in females) is however different from male pattern hair loss (or what we commonly refer to as baldness) where the front of the scalp suffers the brunt of hair loss. Women, on the other hand, may notice a significant widening of the part at the top of the head (also known as female hair thinning at the crown) – it may not be very obvious at the beginning if you do not focus on it. This happens because new strands of hair sprout slowly, compared to before. It usually happens to females in their late forties or fifties.

The scientific explanation behind this is that the follicle changes and the new hair that sprouts out is thinner and less robust. This type of female hair loss can be attributed to genetic hereditary reasons from your parents or caused by hormonal shifts that happens during menopause.

Eczema psoriasis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the scalp, also known as frontal fibrosing alopecia can be another cause for hair loss in women. One possible way to confirm it is that it usually causes scarring and hair loss at the front of the scalp above the forehead.

Overusing of damaging hair products and over heating of hair from hair dryers or even chemical rebonding (leading to hair loss) have also been reported as causes of hair loss in women. So do evaluate and take note of the hair products that you are feeding your scalp with as well as the heat pressure you can putting your hair and scalp through.

If you are young and are experiencing severe hair loss, here are 10 most possible causes of hair loss.

Female hair loss treatments solutions

One of the most common solutions to hair loss that you can find on the internet for treatment to female hair loss issues, as you may have guessed, is medication. If you are certain that your hair loss is due to side effects of consuming medication, then it is easy to rectify it by stopping the medication.

Other than oral medication, you may have heard of minoxidil, a medication that is applied onto your scalp. Such medications are easily available in pharmacies but studies have shown that it produces side effects in some people. The side effects can manifest as skin irritation or hair growth in areas undesired. It is hard to verify the efficacy of such medication as it may differ from one to another and there are no trustworthy third party platform reviews showing real testimonials, especially to asian females in Singapore.

Another increasingly common hair loss treatment for females is invasive injection procedures. There are various versions of injection treatments such as platelet-rich plasma related treatment, where a doctor takes your blood, separates your blood into different components and recombining the blood fluid with high concentration of platelets and then injects this mixture back into your scalp. The method works on the premise of puncturing the skin using an external equipment such as an injection needle to increase scalp absorption.

Such procedures may not guarantee successful hair growth and the thought of such a procedure can turn away majority of women. Not to mention the potential pain involved during the extraction of blood to injection on the scalp, one can only imagine the pain that will be coming. Last but not least, one still has to bear a hefty financial cost.

Corporations are getting very innovative in coming out with new ways to treat hair loss using laser technology and many other new terms that we have not heard of. One should exercise caution while evaluating such new technologies, especially if it entails an invasive procedure. It would be prudent to also check on the past testimonials of customers to ascertain efficacy of the hair loss treatments.

Should you not feel comfortable by either taking external oral medication or doing invasive procedures with medication, you may wish to consider female hair loss treatment at Bee Choo Ladies (strictly ladies only salon).

About Bee Choo Ladies

Bee Choo Ladies is a premium sub-brand outlet, strictly serving female customers only, under the Bee Choo Origin brand. The Bee Choo brand started in year 2000 by Madam Cheah Bee Chew, who was determined to research and produce an affordable 100% natural remedy for hair loss and scalp related hair issues. She began to learn, experiment and concoct various remedies, with guidance and mentorship from TCM physicians, until she formulated the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Cream.

Fast forward till today, Bee Choo Origin has grown from a home based business to a global brand through countless of satisfied customers who have seen effective hair loss results and helped spread the good word. With more than 200 stores worldwide, you can be sure you are in good hands.

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In Bee Choo Ladies, you get a comfortable environment without the presence of men and effective hair loss treatment with affordable pricing in the range of $41 to $69. We do not do hard selling of products or packages. You pay purely based on your current hair length, with ala carte treatment.

Bee Choo Ladies Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Process

Organic Herbal Scalp Hair Treatment Process

At Bee Choo Ladies, we have a very simple and transparent 4 step treatment process, that is non invasive and safe. First we will apply hair tonic on your scalp to open the hair pores and prepare the scalp for our herbal treatment (made from precious chinese herbs). Next, we will apply the herbal paste onto your scalp and hair. After which you will undergo hair steaming for 45 minutes, this will help to open the hair pores on your scalp and let your scalp absorb the healthy nutrients from the herbal paste (imagine if a plant needs nutrients to grow tall and healthy, so does your scalp!). Step 4, we will wash off the herbal paste and massage your scalp.

You may like to watch this video for a real walk through. This is the treatment process that we have at Bee Choo Ladies. No injections, no pain, no medication. Purely herbal hair treatment. 

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What ingredients are in the herbal treatment?​

Our herbal treatment contain herbs like Dang Gui, Ginseng, He Shuo Wu, Chuan Xiong, Lin Zhi and many other ingredients that effectively help control and improve your hair condition and at the same time, encouraging hair growth. There are no chemicals added to our herbal paste.

All our herbal pastes are freshly cooked daily in the factory to ensure freshness and quality. The chinese herbs are cooked for hours in order to bring out the nutrients from the herbs which are essential in bringing back the health in your scalp.

With our herbal hair loss treatment, you can be assured that what your scalp is absorbing and receiving are good nutrients meant to promote hair growth.

What do female customers say about our hair loss treatment?

At Bee Choo Ladies, we have female customers coming to us for hair loss treatment due to various causes such as post natal hair loss, wearing hairstyles that pull the hair too tight, due to work stress and ageing. We have countless of testimonials from non-celebrity customers and mothers who are active on Instagram (do check us out @beechooladies).

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To see real improvement progress from Karen’s hair loss journey and other testimonials, you may want to check out our testimonials page on the effective hair loss treatment in Singapore.

Female hair loss

Losing hair everyday is normal, however if you experience significant hair loss in your late twenties or thirties to forties, you should pay special attention and start analyzing the possible reasons for your hair loss. If you have tried to improve your diet, by going for more healthier food options and tried ways to destress yourself yet your hair loss does not improve, then you may want to consider going for hair loss treatment. The good news is hair loss can be reversible, if it is not too late.

How much is the female hair loss treatment?

This is our honest and transparent pricing. It depends on your hair length – the shorter it is, the cheaper due to lesser herbs used. No need to sign package, you can also choose to make payment upfront before treatment.

Hair loss treatment singapore price


We hope that you have learnt more about the various hair loss treatment options you have as a female for hair loss treatment in Singapore. Certainly, we would be most happy if you would give our herbal hair loss treatment a try and give yourself a chance to start reversing hair loss.

If you would like more testimonials and reviews, you can read about little miss honey’s post on conquering hair fall with bee choo ladies and from our reviews page. You may also book your appointment here.