Hair scanning showing dandruff and clogged hair follicles

We did a hair scan of a customer who is suffering from dandruff and oily scalp. From the hair scan, you can see the dandruff being accumulated on her scalp and hair. In addition, clogged hair follicle is seen due to excess oiliness. While the customer scalp and hair is still relatively healthy, if the oiliness is not treated, it will lead to hair loss in the future. The dandruff, on the other hand, causes her to feel itchy every now and then and unsightly white spots can be seen on her clothes.


Next, we treated her scalp using our signature Bee Choo Herbal Paste. After the 1Hour 30Mins procedure, we scanned her hair again. This time, all the clogged hair follicles have been cleared and all the dandruff have been effectively removed. This is because our herbal paste contains adaptogens that help to regulate your oily/dry scalp and help to regain its healthy state. Customers suffering from oily scalp and dandruff will feel clean and comfortable immediately after treatment and the effects can last up to a week, depending on how well he/she takes care of her scalp. Customers are encouraged, especially when they first start treatment, to come at least once every week for the first month, after which they can reduce their frequency of treatment to 1-2 times per month. Most customers are completed rid of their hair issue after the 3-4 months of treatment.


Check out the video below!

YouTube video