Patchy Hair Loss – Successful Treatment (Testimonial by Ms. Karen)

Amazing testimonial by our regular customer, Ms. Karen. Check out her amazing journey with Bee Choo Origin in the video.


Ms. Karen has been suffering from a recurring patchy hair loss, affecting the crown of her head. This is the first photo we took of her on 22 November 2017


First photo taken (22-Nov-2017)


We also took a hair scan to better understand the cause of her hair loss so that we can recommend the suitable product and other preventive measures that she can undertake to regrow her lost hairs as soon as possible.


Hair scan of patch (22-Nov-2017)


From the hair scan, you can see that the hair follicles are still intact but the hairs are breaking at the surface.


This suggest that the cause of the patchy hair loss is a bacteria infection as the bacteria/fungus can cause hair shaft to become weak and brittle, resulting in hair breakage.


Our recommendations

  • Use disposable combs and towels until she fully recovers
  • Dispose all her existing hair related equipment that has come into contact with her hair or at least wash sterilize with dettol and hot water
  • Regular treatment at Bee Choo Ladies (once per week for starters) and reducing frequency once her scalp is stronger
  • Use our hair tonics as a daily supplement to help strengthen her scalp




We tracked her progress and we are happy to say that she has fully recovered in just 3 months.


 First photo taken (22-Nov-2017)


 Second photo taken (5-Jan-2018)


Third photo taken (18-Jan-2018)


Forth photo taken (9-Feb-2018)


Fifth photo taken (25-Feb-2018)


The patch is now un-noticeable and as a bonus, her hair and scalp is much healthier. Karen continues to visit us once per month as a monthly maintenance and routine.


Check out this video to hear her full testimonial


YouTube video


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