Bee Choo Origin Ladies is the only outlet for women out of all Bee Choo Origin salons, at 5 Pahang Street. Our customers have rated us as the best female hair loss treatment in Singapore, due to effectiveness as well as affordability.

100% Herbal Hair Loss Treatment, Safe, Highly Effective, Affordable


Many women experience an increased hair fall 2-4 months after giving birth, this is because the stress of giving birth takes a toll on the mother and causes her hair cycle to enter the telogen phase prematurely. This condition is known as telogen effluvium

It affects all moms but the extent of the hair loss differs between individuals. Some mothers see substantial loss in hair volume whilst some not as much. This is because giving birth place a lot of stress on the body, causing up to 60% of hair to enter into the telogen stage pre-mature. In the telogen phase, hair starts to come loose and falls off after 2-4 months. 

Women drops, on average, 100 hairs per day, but during post-partum hair loss, you could lose as much as 300 hairs per day. This would normally last for 2-3 months before hair loss reverting back to normal. In most cases, around 70% of women recover on their own. However, there’s a possiblity that thinning hair volume continue even years after giving birth. This is because the mother migh not have the neccessary vitamins and supplements for normal recover.

Ensure that you keep your body and scalp healthy, i.e. proper diet, sleep, exercise. This may be difficult to achieve especially if you’re a new mom juggling the kids without much help from domestic helpers or granparents. Nevertheless, we encourage you to avoid oily, fried food. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep when possible, and treat your scalp to safe natural treatment. 

Bee Choo herbal treatment is safe for mothers as it contians no chemicals, hence breastfeeding wouldn’t be affected. The treatment nourishes the scalp and encourage recover from post-partum hair loss quickly. Many of our customers start doing the treatment even before giving birth to minimize their post-partum hair loss and to ensure they recover as quickly as possible.

Affordable Scalp Treatment Salon in Singapore


There are many types of hair treatment in the market claiming to be able to help reverse hair loss. Some of these treatments involve injections to the scalp, some even have side effects and many of them are not price-transparent. Some of these exotic treatments can be quite costly and there is usually no remedial compensation if you do not see results. 


Bee Choo Origin is successful because our herbal treatment is:

  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Pain free, natural and effective
  • No elaborate course purchase required, you can do one treatment at a time
  • Price Transparent; and
  • Even covers white hair with a natural reddish/brownish colour


However, because our treatment relies only on traditional Chinese herbs, the choice of colouring is also limited.


Shortly within 3 months of hair treatment with Bee Choo Origin Ladies, this client achieved this effective results below:


Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on various factors such as hair type, age, ethnicity, etc.

YouTube video


Consistently rated as the Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Salon (or Muslimah Salon) in Singapore, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair treatment gives your Dry/Damaged/Oily scalp instant rejuvenation. The natural dye contained in the treatment also covers your white hair to the roots in the process! 


See how it works above in our simple 4 step treatment process:
Step 1: Apply Hair Tonic on your Scalp

Step 2: Apply Herbal Paste to your Scalp

Step 3: Steam Treatment of your Hair for 45 minutes

Step 4: Rinse Off the Herbal Paste, Scalp Massage and Conditioning of your Hair


You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done!

YouTube video


Bee Choo Origin is the largest scalp/hair loss treatment salon that promises effective hair loss treatment in Singapore. This outlet is exclusively for women only, hence we are also known as the Best Female Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore. There are 21 outlets in Singapore, and more than 137 outlets across Asia Pacific. Annually we serve millions of happy customers with effective and proven results yet affordable. Well known for providing effective, affordable scalp treatment, oily itchy scalp treatment, dandruff treatment, postnatal hair loss treatment amongst others! 

A recognised household brand name, established since 2000, our founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore Agencies. You may read more from two articles written by Business Times Singapore titledPower of testimonies drives business growth” and “Sincerity before profit“. 


Our prices are based on your hair length between $55 minimum to $81 maximum for à la carte herbal hair treatment. Strictly no hidden charges. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂

Trust us with your hair and scalp. Thousands do.

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