Shampoo for oily scalp Singapore

We have been in the business for years, and oily scalp is one of the most common issues that we see in our customers. We estimate that one in five people in Singapore suffers from oily scalp; more so in men compared to women.

Why is this so?

Predominately, the oily scalp is caused by our tropical climate and the food we eat. The hot climate triggers the sebaceous glands, a small oil-producing gland present in the scalp and skin, which causes excess oil to be produced. Furthermore, the food in Singapore tends to be on the oilier side, and many times, we eat oily, friend and unhealthy food for lunch and dinner which can have an adverse effect on the health of your scalp.

Most importantly, we have never been taught how to take good care of our scalp since a young age.

Parents will teach you how to brush your teeth, how to bathe, how to cut your nails, wash your hands, etc. but somehow, proper hair washing techniques and the correct choice of shampoo aren’t passed down.

Hence, we often take for granted the health of our scalp, when we are young and healthy, we won’t be too bothered with how oily our scalps are and we even abuse the scalp by subjecting it to chemical treatments such as bleaching, rebonding, perming, and colouring.

The Abuse!

The Solution?

  1. Use a Suitable Shampoo

Well, once you stop subjecting your scalp to chemical abuse, a straightforward way to getting the oiliness down is by using the right shampoo. One that is suitable for your scalp.

There are plenty of shampoos by different brands that are so-called “Anti-oily” shampoos. The main thing that a shampoo needs to have to be “anti-oily” is just to have the right pH value. The natural pH value of the scalp is around 5.0 to 5.5. If your scalp is oil, then the pH is likely to be below this level. Hence, to balance it, you just need to choose a shampoo whose’s pH value is above 5.5.

Getting the right shampoo and washing it with the proper technique will definitely get you to a less oily scalp.

Personally, we will recommend our Purity Scalp Shampoo for mildly oily scalp and Ginger Lime Shampoo for very oily scalp (link to list of our products).

If you are going for other brands of shampoos that you buy off the shelves in supermarkets, as mentioned, go for those that clearly states it is suitable for oily scalp. If they provide the pH value then make sure it is around 5.7-6.0. If the shampoo don’t seem to be working for you, then change it until you find one that is suitable for you.

2. Go for Treatment

Sometimes, a regular, inexpensive treatment would be the best way with dealing with oily scalp issues. Think of it as spa time for your scalp. Your scalp needs a break just like your muscles, eyes, and brain. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing time at Bee Choo Ladies?

Bee Choo Ladies Treamtent

Bee Choo Herbal Treatment

Bee Choo Herbal Treatment is 100% natural and the company has been around for more than 20 years.

Founded in Singapore, the special herbal treatment is known for treating common hair issues such as hair loss, dry scalp, oily and itchy scalp, sensitive scalp.

The treatment also contains a natural copperish dye that covers just white hair naturally.

The brand has grown to over 200+ outlets across Asia.

There’s also a special ladies only branch in

What to expect?

For those suffering from oily scalp, you can expect immediate relief after doing treatment for the 1st time. The treatment helps rebalance the scalp and extracts excess oil from the scalp. The effects can last up to 2 weeks for 1st timers.

Goodbye oily scalp!

After 2 weeks, oiliness may come back, especially if you did not do proper maintenance. In any case, Bee Choo recommends at least monthly treatments to help maintain the health of your scalp. For more regular customers, the effects of the treatment last longer, in many cases up to 1-2 months.


Firstly, stop subjecting your scalp to abuse. Next use the right shampoo, which should alleviate the issue. After that, start practicing proper hair washing techniques. These steps alone should get your scalp in a healthier scalp.

If somehow that doesn’t work or you don’t have the time to do all these, then going for a professional treatment regularly will definitely solve your oily scalp issue.

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