Over almost 2 decades, we have consistently received the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore Award by our clients. Watch and read their stories about Bee Choo Origin and why they gave us the Best Review for Hair Loss Treatment!

How Bee Choo Origin's Treatment Works

This is the treatment process that we have at Bee Choo Ladies. No injections, no pain, no medication. Purely herbal hair treatment. 


We use 100% natural herbs in our treatment and products to boost hair growth. This will allow you to enjoy a thicker head of hair again, without any invasive treatment. Since we utilise natural herbs, you will also not be loading a ton of chemicals onto your hair, which might eventually do more harm than good. Our hair treatments are safe and effective, so there is no need to worry about any toxic chemicals coming into contact with your scalp. While you might be thinking that herbs often come with a strong, pungent smell, the hair products and treatments that we use do not come with any unpleasant smells. Some ancient herbs we use includes Ginseng, Ling Zhi and He Shou Wu.

Watch Our Transparent Treatment Process

Transparent & Affordable Pricing At Bee Choo Ladies

This is our honest pricing. It depends on your hair length – the shorter it is, the cheaper due to lesser herbs used. No need to sign package, you can also make payment upfront before treatment. 🙂

Hair loss treatment singapore price

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