Anti Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Experiencing hair loss? Restore confidence with our herbal hair growth treatment, regain natural looking hair with customized treatment for your scalp. We help you control hair loss at a reasonable price, with no surprises or hidden fees.
We use 100% natural herbs that boost your hair growth such that you will enjoy a fuller and thicker head of hair through non-surgical means. More than 8 million customers trust us all over the world with our award winning treatments and reasonable prices ($38 to $66 only, depending on your hair length).
Our treatments are well known for being natural, safe and highly effective. You can check out our treatment process and our clients testimonials. We leverage modern technology in extracting the best of ancient herbs such as ginseng, lingzhi, ginger etc.
Our effective hair solution has no unpleasant smell. Talk to our professional consultants to find out more 🙂


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More about hair loss

The average human drops about 100 hairs per day, however, those suffering from hair loss can lose more than 300 hairs per day. Furthermore, those experiencing hair loss would also face thinning of hair. The normal thickness for Asian hair type is between 0.006cm to 0.008cm with about 3 – 4 hairs per pore. When hair loss occurs, it is possible for both thickness of hair and the average number of hair per pore to lessen. The combination of the two causes hair loss to becoming increasingly obvious at a rapid pace.


Bee Choo’s signature herbal treatment stimulates blood circulation, cleanses clogged hair pores and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to the scalp to rebalance its condition and help it to recover naturally. Furthermore, post-treatment, a layer of protective herbs coats the hair, thickening each strand of hair, giving your hair a fuller look. The treatment stimulates growth of hair and obvious results has already been witnessed by many of our satisfied customers who have undergone the full anti hair loss treatment course.





















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We recommend 1 treatment per week for those suffering from hair loss. However, one should not stop at that. Daily supplement is needed to enhance and hasten recovery. Our specially brewed, Bee Choo Origin Herbal Tonic, can be used in conjunction with the herbal treatment to boost recovery. Our signature anti hair loss shampoo also helps reduce hair fall and is used 3 – 4 times per week as part of the treatment course. Try it out yourself now with the Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Salon in Singapore! 🙂


* Results may vary depending on hair types, gender, age and ethnicity.


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