Damaged/Dry Hair Treatment Course



Our hair is made up of dead skin cells which is why during a haircut, you do not feel any pain. However, that doesn’t mean you can do as you please with your hair; it still can be damaged. Over drying or frequent exposure to harsh chemical substances can ruin one’s hair, causing it to become frizzy or ‘wiry’. This happens when the outer structure of a hair strand, the cuticle, gets damaged or eroded, leaving the cortex exposed, and there will more hair breakages, split ends and causing visibly unhealthy hair.


Bee Choo’s signature Herbal Paste is specially blended with several Chinese herbs including Chuan Xiong, Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu and Ling Zhi. After each of our treatment session, every strand of your hair would be coated with a protective layer. This helps reduce further damage to hair and also repairs damaged hair by acting as a replacement for the damaged cuticle.


Bee Choo Ladies Hair Price


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Our Purity Repair Shampoo and Purity Repair Conditioner is specially designed for damaged hair. Used together with the Damaged Hair Rebuilder and Treatment Spa, our products will help repair and restore damaged hair.


* Results may vary depending on hair types, gender, age and ethnicity.


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