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Our all natural herbal hair treatment revitalize your scalp and hair. Healthy scalp brings healthy hair. 🙂

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What’s benefit of Natural Herbal Treatment?

Our scalp naturally secretes oil via the sebaceous glands, however, due to ageing or other conditions, the amount of oil secreted could be lower than what the scalp requires and thus causing dryness. People with dry scalp will likely experience irritation to the skin and this causes the scalp to flake off, forming dandruff. Other than flaking, individuals with dry scalp may also have red patches on their scalp, and such people may experience itching, Eczema and hair loss.


Bee Choo’s herbal paste contains Ling Zhi, the dual-modulating adaptogen that would help to regulate your oily/dry scalp and help to regain its healthy state. Chuan Xiong found in our herbal paste is also known to help improve blood circulation which helps the sebaceous glands to function healthily.


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Prices are calculated based on your hair length only.

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Very often, dryness or dandruff is caused by the wrong choice of shampoo. Bee Choo’s Purity Repair Shampoo, Purity Remove Shampoo and Purity Repair Conditioner is specially designed for our customers who have damaged hair and dandruff. In addition, Bee Choo has tonics catering specifically to dry & damaged hair, such as our Scalp Tonic and Natural Hair Tonic.


* Results may vary depending on hair types, gender, age and ethnicity.


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