Treatment Course for Oily Hair



Our scalp naturally secretes oil via the sebaceous glands and this oil protects the hair to strengthen and sustain its structure. However, due to several factors, the sebum production could go into overdrive, causing excessive oil on the scalp, a condition

known as seborrheic dermatitis. Excessive oil not only causes you to feel uncomfortable and itchy, it could ultimately lead to excessive hair loss!



At Bee Choo, our herbal paste contains a traditional Chinese herb known as Ling Zhi which is an adaptogen with a dual-modulating function. Ling Zhi helps to modulate your scalp regardless if it is too oily or too dry, bringing your scalp back to its normal and healthy state after each treatment.





















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We have 2 main shampoos which are able to remove excess oil on the scalp: 1) Purity Scalp Shampoo and 2) Ginger Lime Shampoo. Ginger Lime Shampoo is stronger and we recommend customers with very oily hair/scalp to use the Ginger Lime Shampoo, otherwise, for mildly oily conditions, the Purity Scalp Shampoo is an effective shampoo for daily usage to help control oiliness of the scalp.


* Results may vary depending on hair types, gender, age and ethnicity.


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