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Bacterial Infection to Severe Hair Loss

Certain diseases as a result of bacterial and/or fungal infection could cause severe hair loss. Some of the common problems that people suffer from are:


Ringworm – Tinea Capitis (Fungal)

Alopecia Areata (Autoimmune Disease)

Thyroid (Disease)

Folliculitis (Bacterial Infection)


For customers suffering from bacterial or fungal infection, we have an anti- bacterial spray that when used together with the herbal treatment, helps to eradicate infection(s). In addition, the Ling Zhi and Dang Gui components in our herbal paste have anti-bacterial properties and healing abilities to combat against these irksome invaders.


Although you cannot prevent hair problems as a result of genetic disorders, you can still reduce the chance of it happening. Getting a treatment at Bee Choo once per month is recommended. Our natural herbal treatments will ensure that your scalp is supplied with sufficient nutrients and vitamins that will keep your defence system up against such issues.



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We have a 7 step procedure that treats your hair from the scalp all the way to the roots.


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