Over almost 2 decades, we have consistently received the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore Award by our clients. Watch and read their stories about Bee Choo Origin and why they gave us the Best Review for Hair Loss Treatment!

Review by Kol - Preparation for Postpartum hairloss

Kol has been a regular customer of ours and she has been doing herbal hair treatments even before expecting. When she was expecting her first child, she was aware that she’d face postpartum hair loss after giving birth, a natural occurrence for most mothers.


So she starting preparing her scalp early by doing regularly treatments before and after giving birth. This has helped reduce the severity of her postpartum hair loss and her hair was back to full-thickness within months of giving birth!

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Review from Christy Wong - Recovery from Patchy Hair Loss

Hear from Christy Wong, who had recovered very quickly from a patchy hair loss. The coolest thing about Christy is that she starting bringing her daughter with her for herbal treatment once she saw positive results with her own scalp. Though her daughter has slightly thinner hair than usual at her age of 14, it is still perfectly fine. But, for Christy, prevention is better than cure. So she wants to start her daughter early before any potential issues arises.


A couple of months ago, Christy realized that she had a bald patch close to her forehead after looking at her old photographs. She saw that her hair did not have the volume it once did, wanting to solve the issue, Christy went to get treatment at her regular hair salon. The treatment was costly and she felt the improvement was very minor.


Thankfully, her friends recommended her to go to Bee Choo for herbal scalp treatment as they themselves had saw very positive results after trying the treatment.


Christy decided to give Bee Choo Herbal Treatment a try due to the positive reviews from several friends and because the treatment price was very reasonable. Just after 3 months of treatment, Christy bald patch has disappeared, and on top of that, her oily scalp problem has been eradicated as well.


Understanding Bee Choo’s philosophy of taking care of one scalp; Christy also started her daughter on regular scalp treatment. The mother and daughter duo come regularly together for treatment and to enjoy some mother and daughter time. 


—> Watch the video below for Christy’s heartfelt testimonial.

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Review from Allanna - Started experiencing hair loss after a rebonding session

Read about Allanna’s testimonial on how our Hair Loss Treatment worked for her.

Allanna had been suffering from thinning of hair and hair loss for 10 years. Her hair loss started after a rebonding session which left her with an allergic reaction to the chemicals. After that, her hair thickness and volume was never the same. She had tried various products: hair loss shampoos, tonics etc, But none of them worked. After hearing of Bee Choo Ladies, she decided to give Bee Choo Ladies a try, after about several months of hair loss treatment, she saw the effective results for herself.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Singapore Review

If you are suffering from hair loss, do not despair, especially for early stage hair loss. Opt for a herbal hair treatment with Bee Choo Herbal. Bee Choo Herbal’s Hair Loss Treatment is non-invasive, chemical free and affordable. Another great review on us being the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore!
Allana: I would say I first started losing hair about 10 years ago After a rebonding session. That was quite bad. So I had a lot of hair fall issues. I basically stopped all forms of treatment and Hair colouring for the last 10 years. And so I have tried a lot of over the counter products: shampoo, hair spray, you name it, nothing works.
I’ve thought of more expensive programs like Yum Nam & Beijing 101. But it doesn’t work for everybody because I have colleagues who actually tried those cheap one time trials as well but they were very pushy (with the package).
So I decided to give Bee Choo Ladies a try, and after the first session, I felt that my hair was drier and not so frizzy. Scalp feels a lot cleaner. I think the greatest impact was the next morning when I woke up it will always feel very matty and I will feel like I need to wash it. But surprisingly (for the first time) the feel was still very good so I was actually pretty enticed to come back again one week later.
I like it that they (Bee Choo Origin) don’t hard sell. They don’t push you.
The second week was my second session so I did a consecutive 13 sessions, 13 weeks.
I always like to ask the ladies whenever I am here that.. is it growing? And they have always been very positive and convincing that it is growing. But, you don’t know like if it is like a sales tactic or whatsoever until 6 months later when I saw  the pictures. I was like Yes! 
It really is working! 


This review video is a must watch!

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Review from Faridah - Hair Thinning post birth

Hear from Faridah, her Hair Loss Treatment with us – She had been experiencing hair thinning post giving birth. While postpartum hair thinning and hair loss affects all new moms due to a condition known as Telogen Effluvium, there are a handful of ladies who do not fully recover even after 6-8 months post giving birth!

If you happen to be part of this group of mothers whose bodies do not recover on their own postpartum, this is because the scalp is lacking certain nutrition, preventing hair growth to revert back to normal.

Thankfully for Faridah, she found Bee Choo Ladies, after starting regular treatment with us, her hair starting growing back and her news hairs are thicken and stronger.

However, this recovery process is lengthy and we advise our customers to be patient as our hairs grow at about 1cm/month, hence you will still need to take some time for the thickness to revert back to normal. 

Watch Faridah’s heartfelt Review video below!

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Review from Mrs Roslyn - Healthy Scalp, Thicker hair

Hear from Mrs Roslyn’s how she managed to prevent hair loss despite her age! 

Mrs. Roslyn is a long time patron that can vouch for Bee Choo Origin. She has been visiting Bee Choo for 13 years and counting. The first branch she patronised was the one at Ang Mo Kio (also the first branch of Bee Choo Origin opened back in Year 2006).

Ms. Roslyn is spot on to point out that many people neglect taking care of their scalp. We’ve all heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, but many only practice this with regards to their physical and perhaps their mental health. Somehow, majority of the time scalp is totally neglected. For  example, we take vitamins, calcium pills, or even health supplements for liver, kidney etc. But not often we even think of taking something for the scalp and hair. Most of the time we take it for granted until it is too late. 

But for her, she is smart, she started taking care of her scalp early. Allowing her to maintain her thick hair into her 50s and 60s! The therapists @ Bee Choo Ladies can vouch that her hair is thicker than most of the younger ladies in their 20s!

Mrs Roslyn’s review: See the video on why she rates us as the Best Hair Loss Treatment!

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How Bee Choo Origin's Treatment Works

This is the treatment process that we have at Bee Choo Ladies. No injections, no pain, no medication. Purely herbal hair treatment. 


We use 100% natural herbs in our treatment and products to boost hair growth. This will allow you to enjoy a thicker head of hair again, without any invasive treatment. Since we utilise natural herbs, you will also not be loading a ton of chemicals onto your hair, which might eventually do more harm than good. Our hair treatments are safe and effective, so there is no need to worry about any toxic chemicals coming into contact with your scalp. While you might be thinking that herbs often come with a strong, pungent smell, the hair products and treatments that we use do not come with any unpleasant smells. Some ancient herbs we use includes Ginseng, Ling Zhi and He Shou Wu.

Watch Our Transparent Treatment Process

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Transparent & Affordable Pricing At Bee Choo Ladies

This is our honest pricing. It depends on your hair length – the shorter it is, the cheaper due to lesser herbs used. No need to sign package, you can also make payment upfront before treatment. 🙂

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