Bee Choo Ladies Team
Mr. Crispin W. Francis Director

Mr. Crispin W. Francis

Crispin William Francis is the managing director and co-founder of R.C. Business Group. The Group owns the Thailand master franchise of Bee Choo Origin and Bee Choo Ladies (located at 5 Pahang Street). For more information about Bee Choo Thailand please visit www.beechooherbal.com

Crispin is a serial entrepreneur who also co-founded Bee Choo Ladies together with Rick Lim. Before venturing into the beauty business, Crispin was an investment analyst analyzing Corporate M&A, he was frequently quoted by major financial news agency such as Bloomberg and Reuters.


Crispin believes in restoring customer’s beauty and confidence by solving their hair problems using organic and natural means. Crispin is a strong advocate of affordable and honest hair care solutions. He often shares with his staffs: “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing customers regain their beauty and confidence.”


Crispin graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BSc in Real Estate Finance. In his spare time, Crispin enjoys playing football and Muay Thai. Crispin is currently based in Bangkok and speaks Thai fluently.


Mr. Rick, Lim Ting Feng

Rick Lim is the managing director and co-founder of R.C. Business Group. The Group owns the Thailand master franchise of Bee Choo Origin and Bee Choo Ladies located at 5 Pahang Street.


Rick is a successful entrepreneur and business owner with extensive experience in international business development. At present, Mr. Lim holds key positions in Origin Herbal, Mikawa, ServiceBuild and R.C. Business Group.

Rick graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in business (marketing and human resource). Rick is a family man with two kids. In his spare time, Rick enjoys gardening and playing with his kids.

Regina Bee Choo Ladies Manager


Manager @ Bee Choo Ladies

This is Regina, the shop manager of Bee Choo Ladies. She is passionate about helping customers and hopes to help every one of them make a full recovery and maintain their scalp and hair into their silver years. Regina brings over 20 years of experience to the team. 


She is very motherly and takes care of all the other staff like her own children. Bee Choo Ladies is very fortunate to have a leader like Regina taking care of the daily operations of the shop as well as training new therapists joining our family.


She has also flown to Thailand to help train some of the Thai Therapists in the art of scalp massage and hair wash!


Ya Nung
Assistant Manager @ Bee Choo Ladies

Ya Nung is a fun loving therapist. She speaks very fluent Chinese and she is from Taiwan. She is actually from a very unique tribe in Taiwan, you can ask her more about it in person. 


When there’s no one watching she, she dances and raps in Chinese. Her gentle and fun-loving nature helps her get along with all the customers of Bee Choo Ladies and keep the spirits high in the salon.