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100% Natural Herbal Hair Treatment, Safe, Highly Effective Treating Oily Itchy Scalp


Are you suffering from oily and itchy scalp? Or do you even know if you have oily scalp? Without giving your hair a scalp scan its difficult for some people to understand their own hair type. See how we do it here for our clients. You might also be wondering is there a need to go for scalp treatment? Well not just us, but Beautyundercover.sg, Honeycombers, Womensweekly and Daily Vanity also recommends its readers that its good to occasionally go for a scalp treatment be it oily or dry.
Can hair products help with oily scalp condition? On the internet, you will find many  sites recommending hair products for oily scalp like from Shape.com.sg, Herworld and Cleo. At our shop, we have specific shampoo that is formulated just for oily scalp and many of our customers have seen great improvement if you scroll up and down this page.
There are also several hair treatment salons that claim to be able to solve oily scalp issues such as Yunnam, PHS, Orientalhair etc. You can find out about their prices here (where we have collated the data from forums and past clients experiences). The more important issue is whether treatment is effective and affordable. We do offer both affordability for mass market prices yet effective outcome. Read on to find out more! 

Our scalp naturally secretes oil via the sebaceous glands and this oil protects the hair and sustains its structure. However, due to several factors, the sebum production could go into overdrive, causing excessive oil on the scalp, a condition

known as seborrheic dermatitis. Excessive oil not only causes you to feel uncomfortable and itchy and it could ultimately lead to hair loss if left untreated!


What is Itchy and Oily Scalp?

The hot weather, unhealthy diet, stress and wrong use of shampoo are factors that cause excess oil production in our scalp. Excess oil builds up on the scalp causing hair follicles to get clogged.

 Example of clogged hair pore

Why am I suffering from Itchy and Oily Scalp?

This is a common condition especially in temperate countries like Singapore. According to a survey done in 2017 with our first time customers, we found that ~30% of them visit us to seek help regarding itchy and oily scalp problems. 
The common causes of oily and itchy scalp is the use of wrong shampoo type and unhealthy diet (i.e. too much fried food and processed food).

What exactly causes Itchy and Oily Scalp?

The condition is scientifically known seborrheic dermatitis. This condition is triggered by oily scalp and an overgrowth of yeast. Bacteria and yeast can infect the hair follicles leading to the itchiness felt in your scalp!

Poor hygiene is another main culprit. Poorly kept scalp induces the production of sebum in the scalp. If hair is not washed with shampoo frequent enough, the oils on the scalp will accumulate. Oily scalp can even lead to dandruff, dandruff caused by excess oil are yellowish in colour and the flakes are larger than their counter parts caused by dry scalp.

Under a hair microscope it could look like this:

example of oil accumulation on scalp

Could oily and itchy scalp lead to hair loss?

In the short-run, no. However, in the long-run, if left untreated, it could lead to hair loss. This is why:

If you are prone to scratching your scalp, you could introduce bacterial or fungus to broken skin on the scalp. You may even damage your hair follicles from frequent scratching. Therefore, indirectly, oily scalp can lead to hair loss.

Even if you are able to resist scratching, that is not the end of the story. When hair pores are clogged for too long, the supply of nutrients to the hair will be inhibited; hairs growing out from these clogged pores are not healthy and this may lead to thinner hair and loss of hair volume.

Mdm Bee Choo Receiving Award Presented by Minister Lim Swee Say


Oily scalp is a common hair issue and it can be solved with Bee Choo Herbal Treatment.  At Bee Choo, our herbal paste contains a traditional Chinese herb known as Ling Zhi which is an adaptogen with a dual-modulating function. Ling Zhi helps to modulate your scalp regardless if it is too oily or too dry, bringing your scalp back to its normal and healthy state after each treatment. Stop living with the itch, realise how great it feels to have a squeaky clean scalp!  


Get rid of the itch and excess oil today. With regular treatment, your scalp will be free of itch and excess oil.


Bee Choo Origin is the largest scalp/hair loss treatment salon/clinic specialising in the treatment of hair loss. Annually Bee Choo Ladies serve thousands of happy customers with effective and proven results.

A recognised household brand since 2000, our founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore Agencies. You may read more from two articles written by Business Times Singapore titled “Power of testimonies drives business growth” and “Sincerity before profit“.


Consistently rated as the Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Salon (or Muslimah Salon) in Singapore, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair treatment gives your Dry/Damaged/Oily scalp instant rejuvenation. The natural dye contained in the treatment also covers your white hair to the roots in the process! 


See how it works above in our simple 4 step treatment process:
Step 1: Apply Hair Tonic on your Scalp

Step 2: Apply Herbal Paste to your Scalp

Step 3: Steam Treatment of your Hair for 45 minutes

Step 4: Rinse Off the Herbal Paste, Scalp Massage and Conditioning of your Hair


You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done!

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Bee Choo Ladies herbal hair treatment prices are based on your hair length for à la carte herbal hair treatment. Strictly no hidden charges. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂

Trust us with your hair and scalp. Thousands do.

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