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Many of our customers stop experiencing dandruff once they start regular treatment with us. As the health of their scalp improve, the chance of recurrence of dandruff falls drastically. Many customers are able to eradicate their dandruff issues completely in just a few sessions.

Some common causes of Dandruff are: Long-term use of unsuitable hair products, poor & unhealthy diet or drastic change in climate.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff (scientific term –  Pityriasis Capitis) are the white skin flakes found in your hair. Sometimes on your shirt when it is excessive. Just brush your hair with your hands, if you see white flakes falling all over the place, you have dandruff. Dandruff is a common condition, which causes itchiness and it can be embarrassing when others notice your dandruff problems.

Who is affected by Dandruff

Both men and women suffers from dandruff. It can be triggered by a sudden change in weather or environment. It can also be triggered when you change shampoo to one that is not suitable for your scalp type.

You cannot get rid of Dandruff just by normal washing of hair. Even if you wash your hair frequently, you will notice flakes appearing not long after showering. If you have a dry scalp, dandruff appears to be fine and powdery. For dandruff caused by oily scalp, it will appear yellowish or translucent with a greasy texture and these flakes are slightly larger than flakes caused by dry scalp.

What causes Dandruff?

Dandruff is triggered the fungus, Malassezia globosa. The micro-organism is a cousin of the yeast and feeds on sebum. When the globosa grows too quickly, the natural renewal of cells will be disrupted.

According to a report in ACS’ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry:

Claudiu T. Supuran and colleagues explain that dandruff involves an excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. In people without dandruff, it takes about 30 days for a crop of new skin cells to mature, die and shed. In people with dandruff, it may take only 2-7 days. Irritation by the scalp-dwelling fungus Malassezia globosa (M. globosa)


Kirsty S. Hewitson, Daniela Vullo, Andrea Scozzafava, Antonio Mastrolorenzo, Claudiu T. Supuran. Molecular Cloning, Characterization, and Inhibition Studies of a β-Carbonic Anhydrase fromMalassezia globosa, a Potential Antidandruff Target. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2012; 55 (7): 3513 DOI: 10.1021/jm300203r 


Are there any complications from Dandruff?

If you have been experiencing chronic dandruff with irriation, redness and unbearable itchiness on your scalp, you could have an underlying condition that is more serious than normal dandruff. You could have a fungal infection or psoriasis. It is important that you seek treatment early before your scalp condition gets worse as it may even lead to hair loss.

Dandruff is known to cause psychological damage due to the embarrassment and lost in self-esteem is can cause to the sufferer. Do not feel embarrassed by dandruff, it is a very common condition and it can be solved with the right treatment, hair product and upkeep – give it a try at our Dandruff Treatment Salon in Singapore at Bee Choo Ladies, Bugis!

Scalp Analysis done at Bee Coo Origin
Hair & Scalp Analysis done at Bee Choo Origin


Bee Choo’s herbal paste contains Ling Zhi, the dual-modulating adaptogen that would help to regulate your dry and dandruff scalp and help to regain its healthy state. Chuan Xiong found in our herbal paste is also known to help improve blood circulation which helps the sebaceous glands to function healthily.

Very often, dryness or dandruff is caused by the wrong choice of shampoo. Bee Choo’s Purity Repair Shampoo, Purity Remove Shampoo and Purity Repair Conditioner is specially designed for our customers who have damaged hair and dandruff. In addition, Bee Choo has tonics catering specifically to dry & dandruff hair. Used in conjunction with our special herbal hair treatment, even the most persistent of dandruff problems can be treated in no time! Do not let dandruff embarrass you anymore, get rid of it today.


Below shows the before and after hair scan of a customer after 4 sessions of herbal treatment. Dandruff has been removed completely and inflammation of the scalp has been reduced greatly. It is with such effective results that customers rate us as the number 1 Dandruff Treatment Salon in Singapore.

Dandruff Treatment Salon in Singapore
Hair Scan of dandruff scalp
Dandruff Treatment Salon in Singapore Effective
Dandruff removed by Bee Choo Herbal Treatment


Bee Choo Origin is the largest scalp/hair loss treatment salon/clinic specialising in the treatment of hair loss. Annually Bee Choo Ladies serve thousands of happy customers with effective and proven results.

A recognised household brand since 2000, our founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore Agencies. You may read more from two articles written by Business Times Singapore titled Power of testimonies drives business growth” and “Sincerity before profit“.


Consistently rated as the Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Salon (or Muslimah Salon) in Singapore, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair treatment gives your Dry/Damaged/Oily scalp instant rejuvenation. The natural dye contained in the treatment also covers your white hair to the roots in the process! 


See how it works above in our simple 4 step treatment process:
Step 1: Apply Hair Tonic on your Scalp

Step 2: Apply Herbal Paste to your Scalp

Step 3: Steam Treatment of your Hair for 45 minutes

Step 4: Rinse Off the Herbal Paste, Scalp Massage and Conditioning of your Hair


You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done!

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Bee Choo Ladies herbal hair treatment prices are based on your hair length between $55 minimum to $81 maximum for à la carte herbal hair treatment. Strictly no hidden charges. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂

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