Hair loss, what can you do about it?

Almost all of us go through our adolescent life with a full head of hair. We may have seen balding uncles when we were young but the thought of that happening to us would most likely never cross our minds.


However, when our hair starts falling out and thinning, we suddenly feel betrayed. “Why is my hair falling out? Oh no, I can see my scalp! What did I do? What can I do?”


When we get older, things start happening to our body – we have less physical energy, we gain weight, our eyesight is no longer as good as before – but we know we can fix these issues through exercising or changing our eating habits. We still feel in control, but when it comes to our hair, we feel helpless because this is an issue that we can’t measure (how many hairs did we have last month versus today?) nor do we have a clear foolproof solution in mind. We are at the mercy of our scalp and hair.


The good news is, we are no longer at the mercy of our scalp and hair anymore. In the past, maybe, but today, we have many solutions and treatments for hair loss.


Solutions vs treatments


Solutions is not the same as treatment. We classify wigs, toupees, weaves, wefts, hair fibers, spray-ons and hair transplant as solutions but they aren’t treatments as your natural scalp and hair health is neglected. Yes, you may get the same end results quickly, which is the external appearance of having a full head of hair but most of these solutions are not permanent and if there is any lapse, your baldness could suddenly show.


Wig falling out by accident

Hair treatments, on the other hand, is not instantaneous. Medication, scalp treatments and other treatments used to encourage natural hair growth are superior as the confidence of a person is fully restored knowing that his hair is natural and would not just fall off from a strong gust of wind. However, not all hair treatments have proven results nor can there be a 100% certainty that your hair will be back to normal. Finding the right treatment is vital.


What can you do?


Understanding the cause/s of your hair loss is important. When you know the root cause/s, you will then know how to treat it. For example, could your hair loss be due to stress, diet, thyroid diseases or hormonal changes? It could be a combination of a few problems and most of the time, these issues cause the help of your scalp to weaken, leading to hair related issues such as: Oily scalp, dandruff, hair thinning and hair loss. Dealing with the root cause/s is important but it doesn’t stop there, you also have to get your scalp back to health or it might take a long time to recover! Remember, your scalp is already weakened which is why you are suffering from hair loss.


Of course, you can neglect the causes and health of your scalp and opt for a quick fix (i.e. wigs, toupee, hair fiber spray-ons). But if you are looking for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix, going for treatments would be most suitable for you. What is a good treatment then? While some medications can help quickly, their side effects can be quite devastating such as: severe scalp irritation, growth of facial hair, chest pain, weight gain, etc. Why take the chance with these side effects? Go for a natural, chemical free treatment! Bee Choo Origin is the largest herbal hair treatment specialist in Asia with over 160 shops across Asia and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Bee Choo Origin’s treatment is directed at the scalp; their signature herbal paste provides essential vitamins to the scalp and promotes blood circulation. Bee Choo Origin’s treatment solves various hair issues such as dandruff, oily scalp, dry and damaged hair, white hair and hair loss.


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If you’re suffering from hair loss, fret not, go for a scalp treatment, don’t wait until it is too late.