Here Is The Best Way To Cover Your White Hairs Naturally

Starting to see strains of grey and white hair? You feel like pulling it out, but you probably know that pulling it out isn’t good for your hair follicles. Or perhaps you have just too many white hairs which makes it impossible to pull all out! Or maybe, you have been working too hard for too long, and one day you look in the mirror and realize that almost 30% of your hairs are white and you have not done anything about it! Do not fret! In this article, we will talk about the different solutions to dealing with premature white hairs.

Hint: the best solution is to cover your white hairs naturally

Too much white hair too soon?

Chemical Colouring of hair

Dyeing hair with chemical dye is probably the most common go-to method for solving your white hair crisis. Many people, chose to go for hair colouring every now and then to cover those white hairs, but after a while, they realize that the chemicals in the hair colouring agent can cause their hair damage and may even lead to hair loss, itchy scalp and sensitive scalp!

Whilst chemical colouring of the hair is good in the sense that you can choose any colour you like, chemical hair colouring isn’t the best long-term solution for covering your white hairs because of the damage it does to your scalp and the cost of the chemical treatment at a professional salon.

Although you could buy the cheap self-apply chemical dye which can be found in supermarkets, pharmaceutical shops or convenient stores, it can get quite messy during application and it is very difficult to do it by yourself. Furthermore, these off-the-shelve dyes may have a higher concentration of harmful chemical compared to those at a professional salon.

We note that while some of these chemical dyes claim to be ammonia free, but it doesn’t really matter as they are likely to be using a replacement chemical such as ethanolamine (which is also very harmful to your hair, skin, and scalp). These chemical substances force your hair cuticle to open, allowing the hair color to penetrate the cortex of the hair. And once the hair cuticle is open, the hair is damaged permanently.

This is an irreversible process. There are many other alternative solutions which is better than chemical dye, and cheaper. Like Bee Choo Ladies Herbal treatment which costs just SGD 41 to 69 / session depending on your hair length.

How to cover white hair naturally

You can cover white hair naturally using natural dyes. One main difference between natural dyes and chemical dyes is that 100% natural dyes are always semi-permanent. Natural dyes only stick or coat the hair, unlike its chemical counterpart, it does not enter the hair cortex and change the colour of the pigments contained in the hair cortex. Since it need not break through the hair’s cuticle, natural dyes / semi-permanent dyes do not do damage the hair and scalp. It is safe a great long-term solution for coverings those white hairs!

But since it is only a coating, natural dye is only able to change lighter hair colours to darker hair colours. It cannot change darker hair colours to lighter hair colours.

This is why natural dyes are a very good alternative to covering white hairs as it can produce a ‘highlighted effect’ depending on the distribution of your white hairs. For example:

In these pictures above, you see that this lady has very evenly distributed white hairs, in this case, the natural dye used by Bee Choo Origin (the largest natural herbal scalp treatment company here in Asia) had a very nice outcome, making her hair look highlighted.

Notice her black hairs remain black while her white hairs turn copperish? This is how the colouring looks like under a 50x zoom microscope:

Bee Choo Herbal colour is dependant on the thickness and texture of your hair, for some people, it comes out copperish in colour, for others, it comes out golden or even orangey. This is the only colour Bee Choo has (at the moment). Thus, if you have patches of white hair, the colour may not come out as nice. It also depends on your skin tone and the kind of outlook you prefer. It is really up to personal preferences.

This colour may not to be everyone’s liking. Bee Choo does not have any other colour to choose from because they vow never to use chemicals in their herbal treatment.

What is special about the Bee Choo Herbal Treatment is that, not only does it treat the scalp conditions for problems such as oily scalp, dandruff and even sensitive scalp, it also acts as a natural hair dye for grey hair. You kill two birds with one stone, or with a single treatment. Cover those grey hairs and get your scalp into shape!

The price is reasonable and you do not need to mess up your house or bathroom, just head down to 5 Pahang Street S(198606) and get your relaxing herbal treatment. Just remember not to wear a white colour shirt down! This awesome treatment takes about 2 hours in total (excluding waiting time). The outlet can get quite crowded during weekends, and you may have to wait about 20 mins for your turn!

How about henna? Can I buy henna to cover my white hairs?

There are also other natural dyes that can be bought at used at home. The most common ones are the henna dyes that are sold in local supermarkets and pharmaceutical stores. But you have to be very careful as not all “natural henna” is 100% chemical free.

“Black henna” is nothing but a concentrated PPD hair dye mixture, applied directly to the skin. Hair dyes in the United States contain up to 6% PPD. These “black henna” mixtures can contain 25% PPD concentration or higher, enough to sensitize a person within one application.

The use of PPD on the skin is illegal in the United States, but “black henna” stalls are very common in tourist areas, and the law is not actively enforced.” You can check out the full article by (

Can grey hair turn black naturally or be reversed

Another common question is whether taking vitamins or health supplements can help white and grey hair turn black naturally or be reversed. White hair is white because the particular follicle stopped producing melanin. Without the melanin, the hair has no pigmentation. Research has found that once a particular follicle stops producing melanin, it stops forever. No one really knows why, but it is what it is.

Only in a very rare situation where you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for melanocytes. The cells that produce melanin which gives colour to your hair. Vitamin B12 is found in eggs, meat, dairy, and poultry. Vegetarians are at higher risks of B12 deficiency, nevertheless, you can always fill your B12 quota (2.4mg per day) by taking supplements.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely rare in developed nations and it is only more common in very poor parts of the world where there is a huge shortage of food. Since you are reading this article from the comfort of your house or through your smartphone, you are probably not having premature white hair because of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Can shampoo help to get rid of grey hair

This is a very common question. You probably have seen shampoos claiming to be able to turn your white hairs black. Some shampoos even advertise themselves as being 100% natural and show incredible before-and-after photos on their packaging.

The strange thing is that these shampoos are never sold at well-known departmental stores of your local supermarket chains. Instead, these shampoos are often sold at lesser-known stores, or by street vendors when you go to neighboring countries like Thailand or Malaysia. And strangely, many don’t sell in bottles, but in sachets

Example of such a shampoo that claims to turn your white hair black.

Firstly, the English on this sachet is really questionable “provide you dark and shiny hair”? It should be “shiny”, not shinny (actually means scrabble up / down). From the packaging alone, you can guess that this is a sham product. If there really is such a shampoo that can turn all your white hair dark and black from shampooing, you would have probably heard of such a company. It would like to be a problem from a renown listed company, or a big company like L’Oréal would have purchased the exclusive rights for such a formulation. And they probably get the spelling and grammar correct. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What should I do for white hair

Our advice for you is to:

  • Do not pull your white hair out as it will damage your hair follicles, in the long-run, that particular follicle will cease to produce hair. Would you prefer bald patches or patches of white hair? I choose the former; it is better to cut the white hair if you really have to
  • If you are the kind of person who cannot stand seeing your white hairs and have the urge to colour often, then we advise you to avoid chemical dyes, this is because chemical dyes are very harmful to your scalp. You aren’t supposed to dye your hair roots using chemical dye, but most people do it anyways, we recommend you to go for a natural alternative instead. Go for a reputable company with price transparent pricing like where they list their price for everyone to see.

Myth on using oil for white hair

This myth had probably come from weird videos you find on Youtube, like this one

YouTube video

You know its suspicious because they are using cheap royalty free music and a robot voice instead of a proper voice artist. These videos recommend applying coconut oil and other weird things like walnut paste etc, to your hair and scalp claiming that it will turn your hair black again by stimulating melanin and keratin production.

We have never seen olive oil, coconut oil, or any kinds of oil turning white hair black again. Do not bother with such a home remedy as it probably just gets your scalp smelling of weird oils.

We think these videos are made by wholesalers of these oils to help sell their products via Amazon or iherb.

Another common question is “does applying coconut and olive oil prevent white or grey hair?” and as we mention, there is no scientific proof or evidence showing that coconut oil or olive oil has any effect on white hair. In fact, a scientist has only recently (2017) discovered the cells that cause grey hairs ( No scientifically proven cure has been found yet.

Ending Message

We believe that the best solution for your white hairs, especially for ladies, is to cover those white naturals naturally. However, if you are very particular about the colour of your hair, then you may have to opt for chemical treatment instead, but be warned, the health of your scalp will likely be adversely affected, especially if you do it too often.

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