Effective treatment to get rid of patchy hair loss and itchy scalp

Searching for effective treatment to get rid of patchy hair loss and itchy scalp? Rachel has been visiting Bee Choo Ladies at 5 Pahang Street, Singapore 198606 for her herbal hair treatment since Feb 2018. She had a minor case of bacterial infection, causing broken hairs (patchy hair) and itchy scalp. She had two separate patches, one at the top of her scalp and the other at the back of her scalp.


She had this condition for years and had never been able to solve it. It was only recently, when a friend told her to try out Bee Choo Ladies that she decided to give it a try. She was surprised to find out that the treatment prices was reasonable and she decided to commit to a weekly treatment for the first month with Bee Choo Ladies.


scalp consultation with Bee Choo Ladies


After the first few treatments, the itch was nearly gone. She continued treatment with Bee Choo Ladies and we took this video of her scalp and hair scans 4 months after her first visit.


As seen in the video, the patch is no longer there and her hair has grown out properly without any breakage. She is now completely healed of the bacteria infection which she had been struggling with for years. The latest hair scans show how healthy her scalp is now!


itchy scalp before scalp management with Bee Choo Ladies

Itchy scalp before scalp management with Bee Choo Ladies

itchy scalp after scalp management with bee choo

Itchy scalp after scalp management with Bee Choo Ladies


If you are suffering for itchy scalp or if you have any hair issues, check out this video.


YouTube video


At Bee Choo Ladies, our mission is to help women with common hair issues affecting their confidence and beauty. We aim to restore our customers beauty through safe, natural and affordable means.


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