Review Of 7 Organic Hair Salons In Singapore

Dear Readers, we have done our research using sources from the internet, social media and beauty forums. This are the most popular Organic Hair Salons in Singapore. Below is the list ranked by total number of Cumulative Reviews (Facebook + Google) from Most to the least.

We also gave our take on what these salons are best known for are also to beware of any negatives that other customers had experienced at some of these salons. Nobody is 100% perfect after all.

In some section, we also look at some of the reviews in Vanity Fair, however, for Cumulative Reviews we counted only Facebook and Google and not all salons listed their services on Vanity Fair.

  1. Organic Hair Professionals – 322 Culmulative Reviews | 4.62 Score
  2. Bee Choo Ladies – 115 Cumulative Reviews | 4.86 / 5.00 Score
  3. The Mockingjay Organic Hair Salon – 107 Cumulative Reviews | 4.97 / 5.00 Score
  4. Team Salon – 91 Cumulative Reviews | 4.37 / 5.00 Score
  5. J&J Hair Identity – 76 Cumulative Review | 5.0 Score
  6. Colour Haven Hair Studio – 55 Cumulative Reviews | 4.92 / 5.00 Score
  7. Giseno Hair Spa – 11 Cumulative Reviews | 4.46 / 5.00 Score

Best Organic Salon for Hair Styling & Make up:

J&J Hair Identity

Best Organic Salon for Hair Colouring

The Mockingjay Organic Hair Salon & Colour Haven Hair Studio

Best Organic Salon for Hair and Scalp Treatment

Bee Choo Ladies

Beware of Upselling Tactics

Organic Hair Professionals and Giseno Hair Spa

1. Organic Hair Professionals

1. Organic Hair Professionals
1. Organic Hair Professionals

Source: Organic Hair Professionals Facebook page

About Organic Hair Professionals

Organic Hair Professional is a leading organic lifestyle salon that takes a holistic approach to hair care by providing luxurious services through an extensive collection of organic and natural products. They endeavour to inspire and share with all clients new ways to incorporate healthier choices into their everyday lives while committing to forward thinking and eco-friendly brands which care for the greater environment.

What people are saying

The good:

“Went to Kovan to try the detoxifying treatment that was trending on instagram and decided to give it a go! What amazes me at the salon was the good and warm service I received from the staffs there!! And they were very friendly towards me as it was my first time doing a hair treatment at a salon and was patient in explaining the hair treatment steps:)) They were also knowledgeable in their product details too and I am going back once again to follow up with my next hair treatment session!!” – A review in facebook in August 2018

The not so good:

“Consultant was not upfront with treatment prices. Just keep saying She will give me the first trial price but after I proceed with treatment then say misunderstanding and the price is wrong. So I have to pay $40 more than what was expected. When I keep cornering her why she was not clear, she twist her words, without ever apologising. Even though the hair stylist was good, the consultant totally spoil the experience. I feel like I walked into a ‘黑店’.” – A review on google in May 2018

Sneak Peek at Organic Hair Professionals

Source- Organic Hair Professionals’ Facebook page

Source: Organic Hair Professionals’ Facebook page

Our take on Organic Hair Professionals

The reviews on this salon is quite suspicious, Organic Hair Professionals averaged 4.7 stars on Facebook (309 reviews!!) while their rating on google is only 2.69 stars! This is a huge discrepancy. We went through their reviews on Facebook and found that many of the reviews were without any comments. Those with long comments are largely unhappy customers. 

Our guess is that they had a marketing campaign where people who reviewed receive some sort of freebie from the salon which led them to having so many favourable reviews on Facebook. The google reviews are more genuine in our opinion. There are many complaints about pushy sales people and prices differing from promotional pricing. 

Although they seem to be good in their hair colouring and hair styling but they seem to also upsell customers scalp and hair treatment even though customers may not want it. So be careful if you do indeed opt to visit Organic Hair Professionals.

2. Bee Choo Ladies

Bee Choo Ladies
Note: data taken as of 18 Nov 2018 from Bee Choo Ladies’ website

Note: data taken as of 18 Nov 2018 from Bee Choo Ladies’ website

About Bee Choo Ladies:

Bee Choo Ladies is a specialised retail format of Bee Choo Origin that caters only to women. They help sustain healthy and youthful hair by providing authentic and natural haircare treatment from herbal extracts and plant oil. Bee Choo Ladies delivers a healthier and safer choice for women’s hair, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients while simultaneously giving close attention to women’s privacy needs.

Bee Choo Ladies’ herbal treatment combats common hair issues such as: Hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss and covers white hair naturally with a copper dye (only one colour option).

What people are saying?

The good:

“I’ve been visiting this branch for the past few months and every visit has been really pleasant. All the staff here are very friendly and really do their best to make you feel comfortable and happy. It shows very clearly that they take their jobs seriously and sincerely want to help their customers solve their hair issues. The salon itself is a very nice and cosy place where you can really sit back and relax while having your treatment…I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to this place ??” – A review on google in May 2018

The not so good:

Have been with Origin Ladies for more than a year now. Like the whole experience and online appointment option. Was at the outlet ahead of my appointment time yesterday. The staff were all occupied and there were quite a number of customers who are also waiting (not sure if it’s due to late comers that caused the backlog). Or it seems like the system is taking more customers than the staff can cope. Perhaps the management could review the current booking system and manage the appointments in a more effective way. – A review on facebook., in September 2018

Sneak Peek at Bee Choo Ladies

Video taken by the same Management Team as Bee Choo Ladies

via Bee Choo Ladies is pretty crowded!

Our Take on Bee Choo Ladies

Bee Choo Ladies specializes only in Herbal Treatment and they only have one colour. Either Copper colour or colourless (although for the colourless treatment you have to let them know in advance).  Bee Choo Ladies is a bit different from other organic salons in the way that they only do herbal treatment.

They do not cut hair nor do colouring / perming / rebonding / other hair treatments.

However, Bee Choo Ladies can get a bit crowded as seen from some of their Facebook reviews and comments. Waiting time can get a bit crazy as well as someone had complain of waiting for 30 mins just for the treatment even with an appointment! But to be fair to Bee Choo Ladies, they had already explained that their appointment system is to reduce waiting time, no guarantees that you will be served on time. They did however, point out that their off-peak hours are weekdays 10am-5pm.

So if you are looking for an Organic Salon with respect to getting a treatment to solve your hair issues, Bee Choo Ladies is the specialist you are looking for!

3. The Mockingjay Organic Hair Salon Singapore

1. The Mockingjay Organic Hair Salon Singapore
Source: from The mockingjay hair salon’s website

Source: from The mockingjay hair salon’s website

About The Mockingjay Hair Salon

Mockingjay Organic prefers organic and natural products. They boast of a “Clean Open Air” Salon, free of any odours so you can sit with peace of mind that you are in a safe haven to be pampered. According to their facebook page, all their products are environmentally friendly, safe for customers with allergies, sensitivities or are who are even pregnant.

What people are saying?

The good:

Tried their hair colour and protein treatment promotion, attended by Vin Soo. Love the service, non-pushy, patient, attentive and great team work. Will definitely come back again. – A review on Facebook in August 2018

The not so good

“Wasted my time travelling to the salon. First, the staff were busy using their handphone. Secondly, they did not inform me beforehand that the senior stylist I’ve book an appointment with is on urgent leave. Only director is available and have to TOP UP the extra cost for the director to cut my hair or allocate the appointment to another day. Totally unapologetic for causing the inconvenience by them.” – Review on Vanity Fair in September 2018

To be fair to Mockingjay, this is the ONLY unhappy review of The Mockingjay Hair Salon. It is probably written by a person who is in a foul mood. And it is also partly her fault for not booking the appointment, although in her defence, you only see notices by Mockingjay on needing an appointment in their Facebook post, nothing obvious mentioned on their website.

Sneak Peek at The Mockingjay Hair Salon

Source: The Mockingjay’s facebook page

Source: The Mockingjay’s facebook page

Our take on the Mockingjay

Mockingjay has one of the strongest following for a single outlet salon. Almost all their reviews are 5 stars on google, Facebook and also Vanity Fair. They seem to have different levels of hair stylist, so the more senior stylist charge a higher price. If you are looking for hair treatments to get your hair looking great, be it perming / rebonding / protein treatment or getting a crazy unicorn colouring (popular with younger ladies) you might want to check out Mockingjay, just be sure to book an appointment beforehand to avoid disappointment!

4. Team Salon

1. Team Salon
1. Team Salon

Source: Team Salon’s website take as of 19 Nov 2018

About Team Salon

Team Salon is one of the larger high-end hair salon chains in Singapore with 6 branches they offer quality hair colouring techniques, sophisticated cutting techniques, as well as the amazing talent and creativity of its hair artists. Team Salon is Aveda Concept Salon #avedasg #aveda – No 1 Plant Based hair product from USA.

What people are saying

The good:

“Team Salon is a hairstyling chain in Singapore that strikes the right mix between being commercial service business and having a personal kind of warmth. The hair stylists here are skilled, prices are decent, and they stock as their flagship product the Aveda range of spa products.” – A review on google back in 2016

The not so good:

“Went to Star Vista outlet for a haircut. The stylist that cut my hair was really terrible…he cut my hair like he is in a hurry and wash my hair only after the haircut…the shampooing was really fast…no massage no nothing. Just apply shampoo and rinse.

He also keep commenting that i am balding and it is looking real bad. Walk away for 10 mins while cutting my hair to attend to another customer…the haircut he gave me was super ugly as well.

I am a regular customer at Vivocity outlet and i don’t understand how the hairstylist which cut my hair at Star Vista outlet can be so lousy. Wonder if they purposely put the lousy hairstylist there because business is slow at Star Vista.

Really regret going there” – A review on google Nov 2017

Sneak Peek at Team Salon

Photo taken from Team Salon’s facebook page

Photo taken from Team Salon’s facebook page

Our take on Team Salon

Team Salon is certainly one of the more establish salons chain in Singapore, being large they have lots of new stylists trying to make it in this competitive industry where customers have very high service standards demand, hence there is definitely some inconsistency in quality of stylist, so if you want to be guaranteed the best service, you just need to top up to be served by the leading stylist or directors.

Team Salon specializes in stylish and trendy haircuts, high quality hair colouring techniques using up to 99% naturally derived component (still some chemical involved) and professional make-up (from SGD 65). Not so much has been mentioned in their reviews about scalp treatment for hair & scalp issues. Lastly, be sure to check their opening hours and days as it is isn’t the same for all outlets!

5. J&J Hair Identity

1. J&J Hair Identity
1. J&J Hair Identity

Source: J&J Hair Identity’s website

About J&J Hair Identity

At J&J Hair Identity, each customer is unique and special.  It is not just the skills of our Stylists that impress, but your Identity that matters. J&J promotes eco-friendly, natural, organic and ammonia-free products which care for the environment and protect our customers’ health while maintaining the beauty of their hair.

What people are saying

The good

“So happy to have found this salon 🙂 My hair has been damaged by over processing at another (reputable) salon and it took a long time to recover from that. I’m a bit cautious when it comes to trying a new salon, but after reading so many positive reviews of J&J Hair Identity online, I decided to pay them a visit and now I’m going to be a regular here. I love their high quality organic colour – it causes less damage to my hair and its also much more comfortable to apply. (The colour used at other salons makes my scalp itch badly, which I guess is a sign of the harsh chemicals inside). Their service is so friendly and relaxed and its such a enjoyable experience. I also like how convenient it is to book and pay online too. Highly recommended!” – A review on facebook in March 2018

The not so good

“I did hair coloration but the color was not even No color blend to match the color that I wanted and showed them However the staff was nice” – A review on Vanity Fair in June 2018.

Sneak Peek at J&J Hair Identity

Source: J&J Hair Identity’s website

Our take on J&J Hair Identity

They definitely have a team of super friendly staff that even people who did not like the colouring still gave it to them. They are also known for not hard selling. They are better known for their hair cutting and hair colouring skills. Not much mentioned about the effectiveness of the hair or scalp treatments. Their pricing is also very transparent and you even get 10% off if you paid online! If you are looking for friendly good service staffs, straight forward pricing, check out hair identity!

6. Colour Haven Hair Studio

1. Colour Haven Hair Studio
Note: data taken as of 18 Nov 2018 from Colour Haven Hair Studio’s website

Note: data taken as of 18 Nov 2018 from Colour Haven Hair Studio’s website

About Colour Haven Hair Studio:

Colour Haven Hair Studio is a green chemistry salon specializing in organic, natural and eco-friendly haircare. Colour Haven offers something they coin as Hcolour which is they claim is better for your health, and safe for pregnant women. As listed by their website, Hcolour is:

  • Certified vegan & cruelty-free by PETA
  • Exclusive certified biodynamic organic ingredients
  • Guaranteed supreme performance
  • Gentle formulation for even the most sensitive clients
  • Rich with nutrients, antioxidants, full spectrum of bio-balanced vitamins, & amino acids
  • The world’s first color enriched with biodynamic and organic oils
  • Exclusive color alchemy that improves hair fiber over time
  • No ammonia, or ammonia derivatives
  • No formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives
  • No diamine toluenes or any other PTD’s
  • No sodium laurel sulphates (SLS)
  • No thioglycolates and no parabens

What people are saying?

The good:

“Leon is a master at balayage hair colouring. His work is meticulous and just awesome , friendly and a sociable hairdresser! The owner is also friendly and treats customer like a family member Definitely give this place a 2 thumbs up !!!” A review on their Facebook page in March 2017

The not so good:

Nil – Couldn’t find anything.

Sneak Peek at Colour Haven

Source: Colour Haven Hair Studio’s Facebook page

Source: Colour Haven Hair Studio’s Facebook page

Our Take on Colour Haven

Colour Haven’s owner seems to be very popular amongst his customers and he certainly goes out of the way for them. However, most of the reviews are commending the hair salon’s owner on his hair cutting skills and his hair colouring skills. No mention of scalp treatment and its effectiveness. So if you are looking for an outrageous hair colouring and stylist haircut, you can certainly try out Colour Haven!

7. Giseno Hair Spa

1. Giseno Hair Spa
Note: data taken as of 17 Nov 2018 from Giseno’s website

Note: data taken as of 17 Nov 2018 from Giseno’s website

About Giseno:

Giseno Hair Spa offers Herbal Hair Dye for Grey Hair Coverage which is described according to their website as:

  • Premium Herbal Based Hair dye
  • Ammonia & Hydrogen Peroxide free
  • Less Damaging than normal chemical dye
  • Choice of colour e.g dark brown, brown, chestnut, mahogony etc.
  • Patch Test is available to determine suitability/no allergy 48 hrs before Dye Treatment

Giseno Hair Spa also offers Herbal Hair Treatment, according to their website, their Korean Herbal Hair Treatment was specially formulated to control hair loss and address various scalp problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, oily scalp, hair thinning and pre-mature hair greying. Their Korean Herbal Hair Treatment formula consist of a blend of natural herbs. Some active ingredients include Panax Ginseng, Polygnum multiflorum and many other rare herbs.

The Price of the basic herbal treatment is SGD 88, the add-ons are:

  • +$68 for Anti-Allergy Scalp Treatment
  • +$10 for Ampoule
  • +$20 to 30 for Hydro Hair Mask
  • +$20 for Head & Shoulder Massage

What people are saying?

The good:

“Really happy with the Olaplex Hair treatment service. The hairdresser patiently shared with me the uses and benefits of Olaplex and is very meticulous in the treatment. My hair feels much smoother and less brittle after the treatment. Definitely recommending this to my friends.” – A facebook review in April 2018

The not so good:

“In general I use organic products and I was attracted to try this new salon because of their online offer of 30% discount for new customers. Later when I went there I realised that this is only a marketing scam to attract customers in their salon. I never received the discount of 30% off, because according to them this is already discounted price, otherwise in future the price would be much higher. ? Their website states the prices for the service but as “price starting from…” giving them space to bump up the price according to their preference. So that 30% discount for first time customers will be already in the bumped up calculation…” – A review on Google in September 2018

Sneak Peek at Giseno

Giseno Herbal Hair Colour – Source: Giseno’s Facebook page

Giseno Herbal Hair Colour – Source: Giseno’s Facebook page

Our Take on Giseno

Giseno may be slightly vague on their promotional tactics, nevertheless, they have a lot of satisfied customers. They are better known for their organic colouring and hair treatment to achieve soft and manageable hair. Not so much for their Korean Herbal treatment for hair issues. Feel free to try them out, but be wary of the top-ups and promotional tactics! Best to clarify pricing before starting treatment!